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Should biotechnology be introduced as a subject at higher secondary level by school board / councils in the north east region of India?

According to me, it will be a great initiative to introduce Biotechnology as a subject at Higher Secondary Level by school boards/councils in NE India. Biotechnology is relatively a new rese


Three Empty Chairs at Nobel Award Ceremony at Oslo and A Sad Story at Our Neighbourhood

On December 10, 2010 about 5000 guests across the entire globe thronged the beautifully decorated Oslo City Hall, Oslo, Norway to witness the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. Unlike the previous

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ফলাহাৰৰ লগত জড়িত এনকেফেলাইটিচ

ভগৎ লাল দত্ত কনচাল্টেণ্ট চাইণ্টিষ্ট এনকেফেলাইটিচ (Encephalitis, এনচেফেলাইটিচ বুলিও কোৱা হয় ) হৈছে এক প্ৰকাৰৰ মস্তিষ্কৰ প্ৰদাহ (মস্তিষ্ক জ্বৰ)। ইয়াত আক্ৰান্ত হ’লে মস্তিষ্কৰ কোষসমুহ

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Skink Copper-headed Trinket snake Rhacophorus Maximus Medo Pit Viper Fulvous Forest Skimmer Emerald-banded Skimmer

Research Highlights

Research Highlights (Third Issue)

A new antibiotic with latest features Invariably there is high demand to discover new generation antibiotics due to alarming threat due to emergence of drug resistant bacterial pathogens. O

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