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Governments decision to shift its focus from basic research to applied research is a welcome move

At this modern era, where most of the developed economies have shifted their focus to applied research, we are still concentrating more on the basic research. Slowly we are also moving into


Prusiner’s struggle behind the “birth” of Prion

Proteinaceous Infectious Particle, commonly abbreviated as ‘prion’, is now known as the cause of a number of diseases in animals and human. The examples of such animal diseases include Scrap

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প্রতিষেধক – ডাঃ দীপ প্রকাশ শইকীয়া

প্ৰতিষেধক (Vaccine) মানৱ সভ্যতাৰ ইতিহাসৰ এক গুৰুত্বপূৰ্ণ উদ্ভাৱন আৰু ই হ’ল ৰোগ প্ৰতিৰোধৰ এক ফলপ্ৰসু উপায়। সাধাৰণতে প্ৰতিষেধক সমূহ হৈছে কিছুমান জৈৱিক প্ৰস্তুতি, যাৰ ৰোগ সৃষ্টিকাৰী বীজাণুৰ লগত

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