Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

The latest advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly trickling down diverse fields of application transforming the landscape of human activities and day-to-day life,


This Nobel laurate was demoted by her university

The scientist of this issue’s spotlight is Dr. Katalin Kariko, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in the year 2023. Dr. Kariko along with Dr. Drew Weissman invented the techn

Promising Young Scientist of Northeast

Promising Young Scientist Of North East (29th Issue)

Dr. Pallabi Kalita Hui   Dr. Pallabi Kalita Hui is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology in National Institute of Technology (NIT), Arunachal

School Zone

অণুজীৱ বিজ্ঞানৰ চমু ইতিহাস (খণ্ড – ১)

অণুজীৱ বিজ্ঞানৰ চমু ইতিহাস (খণ্ড – ১) ড° প্ৰবোধ বৰা গৱেষণা সঞ্চালক (পশুচিকিৎসা) অসম কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, খানাপাৰা, গুৱাহাটী-৭৮১ ০২২   প্ৰাচীন কালত মানুহে ৰোগৰ সৈতে জড়িত বিভিন্ন কাৰক

Biodiversity Gallery

Morenia Petersi Hardella thurjii Geoclemys hamiltonii The Assam leaf turtle Melanochelys tricarinata Melanochelys trijuga Cuora mouhotii