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Education is the basis of the success of humanity


Education is the basis of the success of humanity and has a legitimate connection with the growth of a country. Education scenario in India has changed progressively in the last few years, especially in the higher education sector. Since independence, the country has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of universities/higher educational or research institutes. As a result, the number of students opting for higher education has also increased considerably. But at the same time, it has been a matter of endless debate on the quality of higher education flourishing in India. With the involvement of elite business mind in the education system, the race is gradually shifted towards increasing the quantity rather than emphasizing quality. But, since only Government-run institutions are not sufficient to offer a higher degree to the aspiring youngsters, people are willingly looking for options available in the private sector irrespective of expenses they have to bear. That’s the point where the quality factor gets a compromise in many ways.

Various factors are responsible for the shortfall of quality education in India, viz. lack of good quality faculty, conventional old-style teaching practice, inadequate infrastructure, lack of creative learning process, etc. Apart from that, one common but an un-noticeable element which possesses a greater influence on the education system is the malignancy of private coaching centers. The market of coaching center in promoting higher education is huge and seems to have both positive and negative impacts on the quality of higher education in India. These classes provide easy tricks to succeed and excel in a competitive exam and encourage the students to confine to limited study. As a result, the student usually loses interest in the deep and thorough study of good books. They basically believe in giving information rather than knowledge and transform a section of students mechanically informative rather than innovative. But at the same time, many found it beneficial in the highly competitive era of the education system in India. The ratio of seats available for higher studies to the number of the students aspiring is extremely high and many students find it feasible to opt for coaching classes for respective subjects. Many students get success with the technique and style of coaching classes whereas majority absorbs this as a neutral process of learning and fails in achieving for what they had opted or dreamt off. In conclusion, coaching classes have been able to imprint its impact on higher education and found a mix of influence in students’ career and quality of higher education in recent times.

Partha Pratim Das

Research Assistant

Dept. of Microbiology

Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati

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