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Education is the basis of the success of humanity

Education is the basis of the success of humanity and has a legitimate connection with the growth of a country. Education scenario in India has changed progressively in the last few years, especially in the higher education sector. Since independence, the country has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of

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Considering the latest scientific developments, there is a need to incorporate more contents related to molecular biology and bioinformatics in the undergraduate biology curricula of universities in India

Evolution has made its existence right from the formation of our planet earth; and after the appearance of human beings, study of science has covered a milestone. Biology literally means “the study of life”, a study of living mysteries, from the working of a protein molecule to the growth of

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Should biotechnology be introduced as a subject at higher secondary level by school board / councils in the north east region of India?

According to me, it will be a great initiative to introduce Biotechnology as a subject at Higher Secondary Level by school boards/councils in NE India. Biotechnology is relatively a new research based subject which requires good infrastructure, equipments, trained teachers and expertise in acquiring new skills. For this subject to

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