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Tezpur University  ::  Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Name Funding Agency Project Duration Total Fund Received Status
UGC-SAP (DRS Phase-I)UGC200916.0+5.0 Lakhs
DST-FISTDST200843.39 Lakhs
Strengthening of teaching and research in North eastDBT2009149.922 Lakhs
Bioremediation of Crude Oil Contaminated SoilONGC5 Years (2009-14)70.03 Lakhs
Investigation on the Biochemical and Molecular approachesDBT2 Years (2011-13)62.37 Lakhs
Isolation, purification and characterization of compounds with activity against Mycobacterium species from some medicinal plants of North East India. National Medicinal Plant Board, AYUSH3 Years (2011-14)16.92 Lakhs
Demonstration of novelty of protease produced by selected bacteria isolated from North-East India, DBT1 Years (2010-11)7.14 Lakhs
Assessment of thrombolytic potential and anticancer activity of fibrinolytic enzymes purified from Russell's viper venom and bacteria isolated from NE-IndiaDBT3 year (2011-14)160.04 Lakhs
KIR haplotypic variation and activation of Natural Killer cells in cancerICMR3 Years (2011-14)28.08 Lakhs
Understanding the molecular interaction between NK receptor diversity and activation with diverse malgnancy in HNSCC prevalent in the population of Assam DBT3 Years(2011-14)23.23 Lakhs
Longitudinal analysis of changes in cytokine profiles of malaria patients at different stages of treatment and disease resolution: Understanding the molecular basis of cure and malarial pathologyDBT3 Years (2011-14)37.65 Lakhs
Studies on Genetic and Epigenetic Alteration in Head and Neck Cancer Prevalent in North East Region of IndiaDBT3 Years (2011-14)47.20 Lakhs
Studies on bio-ecology of Heliopeltis theivora and development of an forecasting model of its incidence for effective managementDBT3 Years (2011-14)74.56 Lakhs
Multifunctional hybrid nanosystems for molecular imaging applicationsDBT363.65 Lakhs
Start-up research grant Institutional (Tezpur University)1.5 Lakhs
Search for novel treatments for snake venom poisoning: Composition analysis of Naja naja and Daboia russelli venoms and complete characterization of their major toxinsDBT3 Years (2011-14)69.84 Lakhs
GIS modeling based impact assessment of ground water arsenic contamination in Brahmaputra basin and development of a remediation strategy using endemic lignocellulosic agrowaste based nanobiosorbantsDBT3 Years (2012-15)70.50 Lakhs
Isolation, Characterization, possible use and clinical manifestation of a Neurotoxin from Snake venom (Naja siamensis) withspecial reference to warfare importance neuro- toxin as a model.DRDO, Govt. of India3 Years (2012-15)9.8 Lakhs
Start-up research grant Institutional (Tezpur University)1.5 Lakhs
Assessment of microbial communities and their biodegradation potential in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated environments in Assam through construction of microcosms and phylogetic approach.ONGC3 Years (2012-15)18.00 Lakhs

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