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Kumar, R., Ghosh, S.K., Verma, A.K., Talukdar, A., Deka, M.K., Wagh, M., Bahar, H.M.I., Tapkire, R., Chakroborty, K.P. and Kannan, R.R.p16 Expression as a Surrogate Marker for HPV Infection in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma can Predict Response to Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention16 7161-716520152.51
Maitrayee Devi, Sutopa Das, Krishna Sarma, Probodh Borah, Rita Nath and Rupam DuttaMolecular detection and seroprevalence of foot and mouth disease in goats of Assam, India.International Journal of Chemical Studies.2018


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