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M. Faruque Hussain, T. AhmadGeochemical characteristics of the Granitoids of Mikir Hills Massif of Shillong Plateau, Northeast India: Implication for Pan-African Magmatic Activity. In: Talat Ahmad, Francis Hirsch, and Punya Charusiri (Eds.)Geological Anatomy of India and the Middle East, Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Australia32doi: 10.3809/jvirtex.2009.002502009
M. Faruque Hussain, S. B. Dwivedi and M. E. A. MondalChalcophile Element Characteristics in Mafic Dykes from Central and Northeastern Parts of Bastar Craton: A guide to Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization. In Santosh Kumar (Ed.) “Magmatism, Tectonism and Mineralization” MacMillan Publishers India Ltd., New Delhi, India312-3212009
M.E.A. Mondal, M. Faruque Hussainand T. AhmadGeochemistry of the Proterozoic mafic dyke swarms of Bastar craton of Central Indian Shield: Implication for spatial relationship between two Proterozoic mantle domains and constraints on their enrichment processes.Indian Journal of Geology781-4101-1182009
M. Faruque Hussain, T. Ahmad and M. E. A. MondalGeochemistry of the Precambrian mafic dyke swarms of the Central and Northeastern parts of Bastar craton, Central India: Constraints on their enrichment processes. In R. Srivastava et al. (Eds.)“INDIAN DYKES: Geochemistry, Geophysics and Geochronology, Narosa Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi397-4122008
M.E.A. Mondal, M. Faruque Hussain, and T. AhmadGeochemistry and petrogenesis of the Proterozoic mafic dyke swarms of Bastar craton of central Indian shield.Journal of Applied Geochemistry9117-272007


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