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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshElevated Levels of Select Gangliosides in T Cells from Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients Is Associated with T Cell Dysfunction.Journal of Immunology183(8)5050-820095.00
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshMolecular characterization of novel variants of interferon-tau gene in Garole breed of sheep.Anim Reprod Sci.104 (2-4)239-472.107
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshTNF- induction of GM2 expression on Renal Cell Carcinomas promotes T cell dysfunction.Journal of Immunology1786642-665220076.293
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshCompositional Correlations in Canine Genome reflects similarity with human genomeJournal of. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.39 (3)240-24620062.642
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshPrevalence of Oral Cancer and its association with mitochondrial DNA mutation from Northeast India (2010)Best award in 96 th Indian Science Congress in Physiology and Medical Section, presented by Rozy Mondal at Kerala.
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshMitochondrial Genome: the biomarker for Indian Biodiversity (2009) 3 rd International Barcode of Life (iBOL), MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Invited talk)
Prof Dr. Sankar Kumar GhoshDNA Barcoding of Small Ruminants from Sunderban, India (2008)2 nd Canadian Barcode of Life (cBOL), Canada (Invited talk)


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Strengthening of teaching, research (Fish DNA barcoding) and training (hands on Molecular Biology and Genomics) in Northeast India. Funded by DBThttp://
Head and Neck & Breast Cancer Genomics (Collaborative project with Dr. Ravi Kannan, Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre).http://