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D. kardong and R.N.S. YadavEffect of Cold Stress on the Protein content, Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase in the Liver and Muscle tissue of different vertebrates.Bull. Life Sci.1063-702002
D.Kardong, S. Borah and R.N.S. YadavBiochemical and Haematological Responses to Starvation in Air-breathing Fresh water Teleost, H.fossilis (Bloch) J.Exp.Zoo. India 52195-1992002
D. Kardong, R. Gogoi, P.Barua, A.Bora, Arup Dutta, A. Dutta, R. Rai and R.N.S. YadavEffect of starvation on the activity of Alanine Transaminase and aspartate Transaminase in various tissues of bird (C. livia), Amphibia (Bufo sps.) and Teleost (H. fossilis).Bulletin of Life SciencesXIV105-1092008
D. Kardong, A.K. Verma, P. Gogoi, S. Singh, K. Gogoi, G. Bora and K. SoodEndosulfan Induced Behavioral and Biochemical Changes in Air Breathing Fresh Water Teleost (C. Orientalis) in Tea Garden Localities of Upper Assam.Bulletin of Life SciencesXV1-162009
M. Gogoi, S. Upadhyaya, M. Borkotoky, D. Kardong, L.R. Saikia and R. Samanta.Use of Indigenous Plants in Traditional Health Care System by Mising Tribe of Upper Assam.SIBCOLTEJO05ISSN:0975-986792-1012010
Devid Kardong Kaushal Sood, R.N.S.Yadav and T.C. BoraAmylolytic activity of mold isolated from Epop used by the Mising tribe of Assam, India in preparation of alcoholic Rice beer.Bulletin of Life SciencesXVI2011
M. Borkotoky, K. Sood, D. Kardong, B.B. Kakaty and L.R. SaikiaAntibacterial activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Two folklore Medicinal Plants of North East India.Bulletin of Life SciencesXVI2011
Devid KardongStudies on the changes of certain parameters during fermentation of saimod using Epop: the traditional starter for preparation of alcoholic beverage by Mishing tribe of Assam, India.JASS52(2)2011
Devid Kardong, Khirod Deori, Kaushal Sood, RNS Yadav, TC Bora & BK GogoiEvaluation of Nutritional and Biochemical aspects of Po:ro apong (Saimod) - A home made alcoholic rice beverage of Mising tribe of Assam, India.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge11(3)2012


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