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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Sarmah, R. and Kar, SDesign and Prediction of potential siRNAs for PTGS in three viruses causing disease in rice (Oryza sativa).JCIB5(2)75-842012
Sarmah RArbuscular mycorrhizal fung: their diversity in lands abandond due to shifting cultivation.Bull. Life Sci.XVIISSN:0971-574661-722011
Johari S., Sarmah R., Sinha S.Ligand Binding Studies for DPP IV a target protein responsible for diabetes mellitus Type 2 : Stuctural based approach for drug designing , Proceedings of IEEE NCETACS , INSPEC Accession Number 11945953ISBN:978-1-42449578-82011
Sarmah. R.Regeneration of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Soils Distributed by Shifting Cultivation.Bulletin of Life SciencesXVIISSN:0971-574618-282010
Sinha S., Johri S., Sarmah R.An Extensive Study on Entities and Relationships of cell Line Database (CLDB)- A Proposed Remodelled Schema,Bull. Life Sci. XVIISSN:0971-57462010
Devi, M., Das, B., and Sarmah, R.Phylloplane mycoflora on Cycas and Gnetum. Ad. Plant Sci16(I)333-3352003
Sarmah R., et al.Impact of shifting cultivation on the occurrence of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. J. Adv. Pl.Sc.3ISSN:0971-935056-652001
Mazid E., Sarmah R., and Bhattacharjee R.Comparative study of VAM status of ‘Jhum’ abandoned, natural areas and cultivated land of Karbi Anglong Dist of Assam. J. Adv. Pl.Sc.3ISSN:0971-9350121-1282001
Sarmah R. and Mazid E.VAM in the Rhizosphere of Bambusa bacceifera and B. Arnudinacea.J. Adv. Pl.Sc3ISSN:0971-9350103-1062001


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PERL script for SiRNA Design Rationale Design Methodhttp://Produce siRNAs from mRNA sequences
78 siRNAs sequences submited to NCBI probe database (Accession No EPM_1 PTGS
(Phrads) PERL script http://for removing redundant sequences from multiple sequences in fasta format