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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Borah DIsolation and molecular characterization of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms isolated from automobile enginesDevelopmental Microbiology and Molecular Biology2(1)123-282011
Borah D, Chaudhary VKIsolation and molecular characterization of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms from tannery effluentInternational Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences. 1(2)2110-1142011
Borah D, Solanki V, Mishra VProtein and molecular characterization of Clostridium spp. isolated from contaminated food and soil samples.International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Research.2(1)1189-193.2011
Borah D, Mishra VPhytochemical and antimicrobial effects of some indigenous medicinal plants.International Journal of Plant, Animal and Enironmental Sciences. 1(1)171-732011
Borah D, Mishra VProduction of Biofuel from fruit wastes.International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology Research.1(1)171-742011
Borah D, Parida P, Kumar TPaper Currencies, a potential carrier of pathogenic microorganisms.International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Research.3(1)123-252012
Borah D, Kumar TProcess optimization, partial purification and characterization of protease enzyme from Bacillus altitudinis (MCCB-0014).International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.4(3)32012 0.038.


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
ISBN-978-3-8443-1898-2Role of Quality Control Techniques in Pharmaceutical Industries.Ganesh Kumar TripathiLAP Lambert Acdemic Publishing, Germany
ISBN-978-3-8443-0091-8Ecologically important microbes in Automobile engines.Lambert Acdemic Publishing, Germany
ISBN-978-93-81695-18-0, ISBN-978-81-8220-509-3 Biotechnology Lab Practices.Global Vision Publishing House, New Delhi.
ISBN-978-93-82283-67-6Science GalaxyMRSA: A super Germ.Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, Dibru College, Dibrugarh & Kaustubh Prakashan, Dibrugarh
ISBN-978-81-8220-584-0Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Lab PracticesGlobal Vision Publishing House, New Delhi
ISBN-978-3-8443-0387-2Phytochemical Values of Some traditionally used plant parts in India.Vimalendra MishraLAP Lambert Acdemic Publishing, Germany
ISBN-978-3-8443-1358-1Role of Silicon in the growth of Rice plantsDhawan Kumar RaiLAP Lambert Acdemic Publishing, Germany


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