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Teron R & SK Borthakur Traditional uses of bamboos among the Karbis, a hill tribe of India. Bamboo Science and Culture, ISSN-0197-378925 (1)143-492012
Teron R & SK Borthakur Biological motifs and designs on traditional costumes among Karbis of Assam.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge11 (2)2305-30820120.232
Teron R & SK Borthakur Sacred plants of the Karbis of Northeast India. Janakristi, ISSN-0974-61882(5-6)(5-6)70-832012
Ronghang R, R Teron, AK Tamuli & RC RajkhowaTraditional Zootherapy practiced among the Karbis of Assam (INDIA). The Bioscan,ISSN-0973-70491161-1662011
Begum R & R Teron Sacred Groves in Karbi Anglong, Assam- Getting started. Tribal Studies,ISSN-2231-09081(1 & 2)(1 & 2)219-229.2011
Teron R, R Terangpi & U Phangchopi A study of indigenous health care practices during pregnancy among the Karbis of North East IndiaTribal Studies,ISSN-2231-09081(1 & 2)(1 & 2)171-1842011
Teron RInfluence of the evil figure, Tisso Jonding on the Socio-religio-cultural life of Karbis. Indian Folklore Research Journal,ISSN-0972-6462.937-44. 2009
Teron R & S K Borthakur Traditional Knowledge relating to use of flora and fauna as indicators in predicting annual seasons among Karbi tribe of Assam.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge8 (4)4518-52420080.232
Teron RThe Traditional woodcraft, Jambili Athon of the Karbis.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge7(1)1103-11020080.232
Teron RHor, the traditional alcoholic beverage of the Karbi tribe of Assam. Natural Product Radiance, ISSN-0976-05045(5)5377-3812006
Gogoi SK, R Teron & P J Handique Certain herbal ethno-medicines used by the Karbi tribe of Assam (India).Journal of Current Sciences,ISSN-0972-61017(1)171-742005
Teron RBottle Gourd: Part and parcel of Karbi Culture. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge4(1)186-902005
Teron R & P Gogoi Indigenous means of communication amongst Social Dignitaries of Hills Karbis of AssamIndian Journal of Traditional Knowledge3 (3)3294-2982004


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