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Lahkar M, Bhagawati I, Pathak P.To Study the Anti Diarrheal Activity of Aqueous Extract of Leaves of Houttuynia Cordata in Albino Rats. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology1(6)635-92011
Lahkar M, Pathak P.Tesamorelin-A New Hope For Lipodystrophy In HIV Patients.JK Science13(2)2105-62011
Lihite RJ, Lahkar M, Roy S.Assessment of Drug Therapy in Geriatric Patients using Beer’s criteria.Journal of the Indian academy of Geriatric6(4)4155-592010
Sai Sampath T, Santosh P, Lahkar M, Ajaygodwin P, Pawan Kumar S,Lingesh AAnxiolytic effect of ethanolic extract of oxalis corniculata L. in mice.International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences2(3)3281-9020110.47
Barua CC, Roy JD, Buragohain B, Barua AG, Borah P, Lahkar M.Anxiolytic effect of hydroethanolic extract of Drymaria cordata L Willd.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology47(12)12969-7320090.702
Santosh P, Venugopl R, Nilakash AS, Kunjbihari S, Mangala LAntidepressant Activity of Methanolic Extract of Passiflora Foetida Leaves in Mice.Int J Pharm Pharm Sci3(1)111252010
Barua CC, Talukdar A, Begum SA, Buragohain B, Roy JD, Borah RS, Lahkar M.Antidepressant like effects of the methanolic extract of Achyranthes aspera Linn. in animal models of depression.Pharmacologyonline2587-942009
Sampath Kumar V, Venumadhav V, Jagadeeshwar K, Bhaskar B, Lahkar MEvaluation of Antioxidant, Antinociceptive activitiesof oxalis corniculata in Diabetic Neuropathy rats.Int J Pharmacol8(2)2122-272012
Barua CC, Roy JD, Buragohain B, Barua AG, Borah P, Lahkar M.Analgesic and antinociceptive activity of hydroethanolic extract of Drymaria cordata Willd.Indian J Pharmacol43(2)2121-12520110.303
Barua CC, Talukdar A, Begum SA , Borah P, Lahkar M.Anxiolytic activity of methanol leaf extract of Achyranthes aspera Linn in mice using experimental models of anxiety.Indian J Pharmacol44(1)163-6720120.303
Chanda I, Sarma U, Basu SK, Lahkar M, Dutta SK.A Protease Isolated from the Latex of Plumeria rubra Linn(Apocynaceae) 2: Anti-inflammatory and Wound-Healing Activities.Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research10(6)6755-60December 2011;
Barua CC, Begum SA, Talukdar A, Pathak DC, Barua AG, Borah P, Lahkar M.Effect of Achyranthes Aspera Linn on Modified Forced Swimming in rats.Pharmacologyonline1183-1912010


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