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Marngar. D.Natural stages of development in Oxya hyla. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology28(3)3337-3422008
Marngar.D.Biodiversity of some plant extracts against the behavioural activities of rice grasshopper, Ozya hyla. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology27(3)3279-2862007
Marngar D. Ageratum conyzoides, the sterility effects on Oxya hyla. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology26(3)3281-2852006
Marngar. D. and Kharbuli.B. Effect of Ageratum conyzoides extracts on the larvae of Metanastria lattipennis.Allelopathy14(1)171-762004
Marngar.DInsecticidal activity of Ageratum conyzoides against the Oxya hyla nymph. Allelopathy 12(1)187-882003
Marngar. D. Effect of A. conyzoides extracts on consumption, growth rate and conversion efficiencies in the instar nymphs of O. hyla.Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology24(3)3267-2762004
Marngar.D. Effect of low temperature on the metamorphosis of two anuran species Rhacophorus maximus and Limnonectes lumnocharis.Geobios30117-1202003
Marngar. D.Life cycle of small rice Grasshopper, Oxya hyla (Serville). Geobios30145-1502003
Marngar. D. Bioactivity of Ageratum conyzoides against small Rice Grasshopper, Oxya hyla.Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology23(1)11-52003
Marngar.D. Insecticidal activity of some phyto-extracts against the small rice grasshopper, Oxya hyla hyla (Serville).Geobios 2937-402002
Marngar.D. The influence of some plant extracts on the feeding activity of small rice grasshopper, Oxya hyla hyla.Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology21(3)3241-2472001


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ISBN: 978-81-86307-45-8.Species Extinction in MeghalayaR. D. LyngdohDVS Publishers, H.B. road, Panbazar, Guwahati- 781001
Biodiversity: Herbal MedicineS. Jyrwa.


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