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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Lyngdoh.R. D. Organization of Nervous system in Lytocestus indicus ( Cestoda : Caryophyllidea ). Zoological Anzeiger 228(5/6)(5/6)238- 2471992
Lyngdoh. R. D. and Tandon. VNervous system in the monozoic cestodes, Djombangia penetrans (Caryophyllidea ) as revealed by nonspecific esterases and cholinesterases activity. Acta Parasitologica 39 (2)(2)82- 871994
Lyngdoh. R. D. and Tandon. V. Surface topographical and ultrastructural studies on a caryophyllidean cestode, Lytocestus indicus ( Lytocestidae ).Journal of Parasitology and Applied Animal Biology 5(2)267- 741996
Lyngdoh.R. d. and Tandon. VPutative neurosecretory cells in the monozoic cestode, Lytocestus indicus ( Caryophyllidea )Acta Parasitologica 43 (4)4217- 2211998
Lyngdoh. R. D.Molecular characterization of Lytocestus spp. ( Eucestoda : Caryophyllidea ) from Clarius batrachus (L ) in Meghalaya. 2008
Kharmawphlang. W and Lyngdoh. R. D. The Biodiversity and uranium- some aspects of study.2010


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
ISBN: 978-81-86307-45-8Species extinction in Meghalaya. Human Influence on species Extinction. Pp. 23- 282011 D. Marngar
ISBN: 978-81-8370-301-7 Climate change : Environmental impact, Human ethics in question. Climate change : an outcome of technology – What should we do next ? Pp.70 – 75M. Rani and K. Nongrum


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