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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Rama Kant, R. Tandon, V.K. Dwivedi and G.L. Tiwari Growth pattern and new developmental stages in Chroococcus 10501 (Chroococcales, cyanobacteria) under culture conditions.Geophytology 379-12.2008
A. Pandey, Rama Kant, V.K. Dwivedi, R. Singh and G.L. Tiwari Effect of urea on nitrogen fixation, extracellular and cellular nitrogen of certain diazotrophic Blue-green Algae.Nat. J. Life Scs5 (2)2121-1242008
Rama Kant, R. Tandon, V.K. Dwivedi, Y.P. Singh, L.L. Kushwaha and G.L. Tiwari Symphyonemopsis Tiwari et Mitra- a link genus between Scytonemataceae and Mastigocladaceae of Cyanoprocaryota: a taxonomic revision.J.Indian Bot. Soc 87 (3&4)(3&4)153-1562008
Y.P. Singh, A.K. Tripathi, Rama Kant, R. Tandon, V.K. Dwivedi and G.L. Tiwari Comparative study on light harvesting photosynthetic pigments composition in different species of Nostoc Voucher, Nostocales, Cyanoprokaryote.Nat. Acad. Sci. Lett.31(9&10)(9&10)211-2142008
Rama Kant, R. Tandon, K.R. Singh, S. Kesharwani, V.K. Dwivedi and G.L. Tiwari Cyanoarbor Wang, a new report from India and its taxonomic status.Bionature 28 (1)15-8.2008
Y.P. Singh, Rama Kant, V.K. Dwivedi, N.C. Halder and G.L. Tiwari Sodium Chloride influence on diazotrophic Blue-green algae of rice-fields.Bionature 28 (1)19-122008
Y.P. Singh, Rama Kant, R. Tandon, V.K. Dwivedi, R. Singh, N.C. Halder, and G.L. TiwariOccurrence and distribution pattern of nostocacean Blue-green algae in Allahabad and adjoining areas.Nat. J. Life Scs5 (1)143-472008
S. Kesharwani, V. K. Dwivedi, R. Tandon and Rama Kant A new record of coccoid cyanobacteria genus Bacularia Borzi, Cyanoprokaryota from India.Nat. Acad. Sci. Lett.31 (5&6)(5&6)187-1892008
V.K. Dwivedi, R. Tandon, Rama Kant and G.L. Tiwari Critical evaluation of the genus Macrospermum Komarek 2008 Cyanoprocaryota.Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 80B(IV)(IV)287-4022010
Rama Kant Natural pigments production by two Strains of Tolypothrix Kützing Scytonemataceae, Blue-Green Algae.Nat. J. Life Scs9 (2)(2)2012
R. Tandon, Rama Kant, V.K. Dwivedi and G.L. Tiwarimorphology of a rare coccoid cyanoprocaryote, Chamaecalyx swirenkoi, chroococcales from India. J. Indian Bot. Soc.2012


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Morpho-taxonomy of coccoid cyanobacteria. In: Algal biology and biotechnology,pp.1-26.2009G.L. Tiwari, V.K. Dwivedi, R. Tandon O.N. Tiwari International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.
Unicellular and Colonial Cyanobacterial diversity of Tripura. In Proceedings of National Conference on water, energy and biodiversity.Pp. 284-2932011Ghosh, N.C., Bhoaumik, S.,Gupta, A.K., Lodh, T., Debbarma, M., Chakraborty, S. Excel India Publishers, N.Delhi.
Biochemical characterization of Coccoid Blue-green Algae: A rich source of natural products. In Proceedings of N. S. on SR D of Natural Products.Pp.66-762011Ed. S. BiswasPubl. Caxton Printers, Agartala
Blue-green algal biodiversity of Tripura. In Proceedings of N. S. on Environment, Biodiversity and Vedaant Traditional systems.Ed. G.S. Solanki, (In press)


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Cultures of cyanobacteriahttp://As Biofertilizer, natural products, antioxidants etc.