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Yasmin F, Buragohain B B and Medhi K K. Planktonic Desmid Flora of South of the Eastern Himalayas: A systematic approach on Algae – I.International Journal of Botany. Doi:10.3923/ijb.20112011
Yasmin F, Buragohain B B and Medhi K K. On occurrence of cyanobacteria in different habitats of state Assam, India.Jour. Advanced Pl. Sciences. 4 3&466-702011
Borkataki S, Medhi K K, Yasmin F and Saharia S. Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis in some villages of Nagaon District, Assam and use of plants for prevention of the disease, India. Jour. Advanced Pl. Sciences.4 3&456-612011
Borkataki S and Medhi K K Asparagus racemosus wild (Liliaceae): a source for treatment of tuberculosis.National Seminar on Communicable Disease in North East India with Emphasis on HIV-AIDS and Malaria, (eds. SK Nath), Dhing College, AssamPp-36-38.


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