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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Mazumder PB, Sharma GD, Chaudhury MD, Talukdar AD , Nath D.In vitro propagation and phytochemical screening of Papilionanthe teres (Roxb.) Schltr. AUJST ( Biological & Envirronmental Science)5 1 70-742010
Mazumder PB, Sharma GD, Chaudhury MD, Mazumder B , Nath D. In Vitro propagation of Helminthostachys zeylanica (L.)AUJST ( Biological & Envirronmental Science)5 1 129-1332010
Choudhury MD, Talukdar AD, Mitra A, Nath D, Chetia P.In silico druglikeness screening of compound isolated from Cyathea brunoniana Wall ex. Hook (Cl & Bak).Journal of Science Forum1 1 99-1032010
Talukdar AD, Choudhury MD, Choudhury D, Chakraborty N, Nath D, Choudhury S.Lipinski Screening of Natural Product isolated from methanolic extracts of Cyathea gigantean(Wall ex Hook)Haltt.(2010).Journal of Science Forum1 1 103-1062010
Nath D, Choudhury MD, Talukdar AD.Antimicrobial activity of Melastoma malabathricum. (2011).AUJST(Biological & Envirronmental Science)7 177-79.2011
Tarafdar RG, Talukdar AD, Choudhury MD, Nath D, Choudhury S, Chetia P.A review on Pteridophytic antioxditants and their Potential role in Discovery of New Drugs. (2011).AUJST ( Biological & Envirronmental Science) 7 1 151-1552011
Daftery P, Bhattacharya MK, Nath D.Antimicrobial activity of leaf extracts of Alpinia calcarata, Bryophyllum pinnatum, Chromolena odorata, Mikania micrantha and Osmunda japonica.Ecobios4(1&2)56-632011


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ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Status of Biodiversity and conservation in N.E. India.In vitro Propagation , bioactivity evaluation and phytochemical screening of Dipteris wallichi.(R. Br. ex Hook. Et Grev.) T. Moore .(2011) Pp-308-317.2011P.B. Mazumder, G.D .Sharma, M. Dutta. Chaudhury , A. Das TalukdarSwastic Publ. New Delhi in Medicinal and aromatic Plants.Hepatoprotective activity of Bark extracts of Pajanelia longifolia (Wild.) K. Schumann.(2012).Pp.23-262012S. Datta, S. Choudhury, M. D. Choudhury, A. Das Talukdar, P. Chetia Swastic Publ. New Delhi. in Medicinal and aromatic Plants.Antimicrobial Activity of Scoparia dulcis L.(2012.). Pp.115-1192012R. Saikia, A. Das Talukdar, M. D. Choudhury, P. Chetia Swastic Publ. New Delhi. in Medicinal and aromatic Plants.Antimicrobial activity of Melastoma malabathricum L.(2012). Pp.222-225.2012M. D. Choudhury, A. Das Talukdar, R.G. Tarafdar and R.Saikia.Swastic Publ. New Delhi


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