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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Nath, P.K. & Sharma, SStudy of some biochemical aspects of ripened jackfruitJr. Adv. Plant Sci., Bot. Soc. of Assam.1998
Nath, P.K. & Choudhury, S.Pollution load of the river Barak due to discharge of Cachar paper mill effluents-A case study.Journal IAEM (NEERI, Nagpur, Maharashtra). 27276-2782000
B.K.Dutta, S.Dutta & P.K. Nath.Some observation on the Mycoflora of Tea Environment with special reference to their mycotoxin producing potential in Black tea.International Journal Of Tea Science.3 2004
P.K. Nath “Medicinal Aspects of Mushrooms-An Overview”. Ayush Tomorrow1 425-29.2005
S.Dutta, B.K.Dutta & P.K.Nath. Some observations on the Aeromycoflora of Tea factory in Cachar District,AssamA.U Journal of Science & Technology412009
Dutta, S., Dutta, B.K. & Nath, P.K. Comparative study of Air, Phyllosphere and Soil Mycoflora of the Tea plantation Area of Cachar District, AssamAssam University Journal of Sci. & Tech. 5(1)1pp.89-942010
A Choudhury, S Dutta, B Bhattacharya, P K Nath and B K DuttaInvitro multiplication and protocorm development of Dendrobium aphyllum(Roxb.) CEC Fisher.Assam University Journal of Science and Technology7(1)12011


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Recent Researches in Science and Technology. Vol.1.( Editors Prof G.d. Sharma & Prof. B.K.Dutta.)Assam University, SilcharEffect of nutrients on the cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju on paddy straw and water hyacinth.1999Sharma, S.
In Proceeding of UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on Biodiversity of Assam And its Conservation (Editors: M. K. Bhattacharya ,M. Dutta Choudhury aaand P.b. Mazumder ) Karimganj College, KarimganjAn investigation of the members of Polyporaceae of Karimganj , Assam .pp 241-248.2002Dutta , S.
In Tropical Mycology (Ed. N.Samajpati) Effect of corn starch, quaternary ammonium chloride- “Benzyl dimethyl (phenyl) ammonium chloride” and a quaternary chlorocomplex of cobalt on the growth of Pleurotus sajor-caju.2002Indian Mycological Society, Dept. Of Botany, Unversity of Calcutta.
In Economic crisis in Tea Industry[Eds] Peter Baker,Jain & Rahman}.Mycotoxin Production Potential Of Mycoflora in Tea2008B.K.Dutta,S.DuttaLLC,USA,2008.
In “Modern Trends of Research in Ecology & Environmental Science”[Eds B.K.Dutta & A. Gupta]“Study of Some Basiodiomycetous Mycoflora of Karimganj”2006S.Dutta Mittal Publications-New Delhi
In “Modern Trends of Research in Ecology & Environmental Science”[Eds B.K.Dutta & A.Gupta]“Study Of Fungi Present in the Rice Cake used for indigenous fermentation of Ethyl alcohol in North East India”2006S.Dutta,Soneswar SarmaMittal Publications,New Delhi.
Effect Of Compost on the yield of Pleurotus sajor- caju & Volvariella volvacea2008S.Dutta A.U Silchar in Proceeding (2008).
In Modern Trends of Research in Ecology and Environmental Science.Eds. B.K.Dutta & A.Gupta“An investigation on the scope for ethanol producing crops in North-East India”2006Soneswar SarmaMittal Publications. New Delhi
In Modern Trends of research in Ecology and Environmental Science. Eds. B.K.Dutta & A.Gupta“Study of Some Besidiomycetous Mycoflora of Karimganj”2006S.DuttaMittal Publications. New Delhi
In Researches in Medicinal and Aromatic plants, ( Eds, M D Choudhury et al., )Mushrooms in Nutrition and Medicine. p 136.2012


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