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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
B.K.Dutta, S.Dutta & P.K.Nath. Some observation on the Mycoflora of Tea Environment with special reference to their mycotoxin producing potential in Black tea.International Journal Of Tea Science. 3 2004
S.Dutta, B.K.Dutta & P.K.NathSome observations on the Aeromycoflora of Tea factory in Cachar District,AssamA.U Journal of Science & Technology412009
Dutta, S., Dutta, B.K. & Nath, P.K. Comparative study of Air, Phyllosphere and Soil Mycoflora of the Tea plantation Area of Cachar District, AssamAssam University Journal of Sci. & Tech.5(1)1pp.89-942010
Upadhyaya H, Panda S K, Bhattacharjee M K, Dutta S Role of arbuscular mycorrhiza in heavy metal tolerance in plants: Prospects for Phytoremidiation. Journal of Phytology2(7)716–272010
A Choudhury, S Dutta, B Bhattacharya, P K Nath and B K DuttaInvitro multiplication and protocorm development of Dendrobium aphyllum(Roxb.) CEC Fisher.Assam University Journal of Science and Technology 7(1)12011


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
In Economic crisis in Tea Industry[Eds] Peter Baker,Jain & Rahman}Mycotoxin Production Potential Of Mycoflora in Tea2008B.K.Dutta,P.K.NathLLC,USA,2008
In “Modern Trends of Research in Ecology & Environmental Science”[Eds B.K.Dutta & A. Gupta]“Study of Some Basiodiomycetous Mycoflora of Karimganj”2006P.K.NathMittal Publications-New Delhi
In “Modern Trends of Research in Ecology & Environmental Science”[Eds B.K.Dutta & A.Gupta]“Study Of Fungi Present in the Rice Cake used for indigenous fermentation of Ethyl alcohol in North East India”2006P.K.Nath & Soneswar SarmaMittal Publications,New Delhi
Effect Of Compost on the yield of Pleurotus Sajor- Caju & Volvariella Volvacea2008P.K. Nath A.U Silchar in Proceeding (2008).


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