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Upadhyaya, H and Panda, S. K. Pesticide induced alterations in physiological responses in Camellia sinensis.Ind. J. Plant Physiol. 9(1)182-85.2004
Upadhyaya H, Bhattacharjee MK, Deboshree Roy, Soumitra Shome. Toxic effect of copper on ten rice cultivars.Journal of Research in Plant Sciences 1038-044.2011
Upadhyaya, H. and Panda,S.K.Responses of Camellia sinensis to drought and rehydration . Biol. Plant.48 (4)4597-60020041.582
Upadhyaya, H. and Panda, S. K. Antioxidant efficiency and biochemical variations in five clones of Camellia sinensis L.Physiol. & Mol. Biol. Plants. 10 (1)1115-1202004
Panda, S.K., Upadhyay R.K., Upadhayaya, H., Salinity stress induced physiological and biochemical changes in Azolla Pinnata.Acta. Bot. Hungarica 48369-3802006
Upadhyaya, H., Khan, M.H. and Panda ,S. K. Hydrogen peroxide induces oxidative stress in detached leaves of Oryza sativa.Gen. Apll. Plant Physiology.33(1-2)83-95.2007
Upadhayaya, H., Panda, S.K., Dutta, B.K. Variation of physiological and antioxidative responses in tea cultivars subjected to elevated water stress followed by rehydration recovery. Acta Physiologia Plantarum . 30457–46820081.344
Upadhyaya H, Panda S K, Bhattacharjee M K, Dutta SRole of arbuscular mycorrhiza in heavy metal tolerance in plants: Prospects for Phytoremidiation.Journal of Phytology 2(7)716–27.2010
Upadhyaya H., Panda, S.K., Dutta, B. K CaCl2 improves post drought recovery potential in Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze.Plant Cell Report30(4)495-50320112.279
Upadhyaya H., Dutta, B. K., Sahoo L, Panda, S.K.Comparative effect of Ca, K, Mn and B on post-drought stress recovery in tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O Kuntze].Am J Plant Sci. 2012


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978-81-920635-2-2 Summary of Doctoral Thesis Vol III.Biochemical studies in Camellia sinensis (Tea) under abiotic stress. P42-43. Manoj Kumar Paul and Jyotish Bhagabati,


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