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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
M.K.Saikia Algal Indices to predict Pulp and Paper Mill pollution load of Elenga Beel(wetland) of Assam (India). Asian Journal of . Experimenal Biol.Sci.1(4)4815-8212010
Saikia M.K, Kalita S, Sharma G C.An experimental investigation on growth stimulation(+) and inhibition(-) of algae (Oscillatoria Chlorina and Scenedesmus Quadricauda)treated with pulp and paper mill effluents. International J. of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology. 2( 4) 487-942011
Saikia MK and Saikia D.PCR detection of STX1 and STX2 toxigenic genes in multiple antibiotic resistant E. coli population and phenotypic detection of ESBL producing E coli isolates from local variety of poultry.International J of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology 2(3)3593-6022011
Saikia MK, Kalita S, Sharma GCAlgal Toxicity Test procedure for water quality monitoring programme. Proc. of UGC sponsored workshop: Field work in Environmenal Studies , Dhing College70-742010
Saikia MK and Kadir ACommunicable diseases among rural population: A case study of selected villages in Northern Nagaon district of Assam”. Proc. of National seminar on communicable diseases in North East India with Emphasis on HIV /AIDS and Malaria27-352007
Saikia MK , Kalita S , Sharma GC Biomonitoring of algal flora of Elenga Beel”. Paper presented at 55 annual Technical session of Assam Science Society held at G.U2009
Saikia MK and Lohar P Structural and physico-chemical correlation of algal community of a water body affected by pulp and paper mill effluents. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research (GJSFR) of Global Journals Inc(US) 12(5)51-12.2012
Saikia MK, Kalita S, Sharma GC and Lohar P. Biological tools for computation of physico-chemistry of a wetland affected by pulp and paper mill effluents. Journal of Biol and Chem. Research29 (1)155-662012


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Folklore Medicinal Plants of North East India for Family Planning and Birth Control. First Edition 2008.Vol-12008


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