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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
S.Borthakur, M. Bhattacharya and M. Talukdar Age related craniometrical study in local goat of Assam (Capra hircus)Indian Veterinary Journal75(II) (II) 998-991990
M. Talukdar, S. Borthakur and R.N. Goswami Biometrical Study on the intestine of crossbred adult pigs. Indian J. Vet. Anat. 12(2) (2) 137-40.2000
M. Talukdar Actinomycosis in a cow – A case report. The North East Veterinarian.1(2) (2) 112001
M. Talukdar, A, Kalita and G, Baishya Gross Anatomical Study on the humerus of mithun. Indian Veterinary Journal76(6) (6) 585-5872002
A. Kalita, M. Talukdar and G. Baishya Biometry kof female genital organs of indigenous pigs of Assam. Indian J. Anim.Heallth.41(1) (1) 1-4.2002
M. Talukdar, M. Sarma and K.B. Dev Choudhury Macromorphology of kidney of one-horned rhino calf. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences73(2) (2) 1842003
vii) A. Kalita, M. Talukdar, M. Sarma, Monalisa Saikia and S.N. Kalita Craniometrical study in Black Panther. Indian Vet. Med. J. 27(4)(4)343-344.2002
M. Sarma, M. Talukdar, K.B. Dev Choudhury and K.K. SarmaMacromorphology of the songne of an Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus).Zoos’ Print Journal. 19(10) (10) 1653.2003
ix) Kalita, G. Baishya, M. Talukdar, M. Sarma and Monalisa Saikia Biometry of female genital organs of crossbred and indigenous pig of Assam.Indian Veterinary Journal82(I) (I) 68-702005
C.K. Gautam, M. Talukdar and G. Baishya Distribution and Biometry of Gut-associated Lymphoid Tissue in Adult Horse. Indian Veterinary Journal89(2) (2) 79-80.2012
Gautam CK, Talukdar M, Sarma Kabita, Sarma S, Barman N N and Baishya, G.Distribution pattern and Histomorphology of Caprine Peyer’s PatchesIndian Veterinary Journal901294-9520130.06
Gautam CK, Talukdar M, Sarma Kabita, Baishya, G. and Goswami S.Histochemical characterization of Caprine intestine and Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT)Indian Veterinary Journal91119-1120140.06
A. Deka, G. Baishya, B. J. Das, , M. Talukdar and P. C. Kalita Gross Anatomy of the Scapula of Pigmy Hog (Porcula salvania)Indian J. Vet. Anat252109-1102013
C. K. Gautam, M. Talukdar, K. Sarma, S. Sarma, N. N. Barman and G. Baishya Distribution and Histomorphology of Solitary Lymphoid Nodules of Large Intestine in Indigenous Goat of Assam (Capra hircus). Indian Vet. J90818-202013
C. K. Gautam, M. Talukdar, K. Sarma, S. Sarma, N. N. Barman and G. Baishya Morphology of the Intestine of Indigenous Adult Goats of Assam (Capra hircus)Indian J. Vet. Anat25151-522013
A. Deka, K. Sarma, S. Sarma, J. Goswami, J. Mahanta and M. Talukdar Comparative Anatomical Studies on the Uterus of Pati and Chara-Chemballi Ducks during their Laying PeriodsJ. Anim. Research63457-4602016


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