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Rajkhowa.J., Baishya, G. and Barman, N.N.Immunohistochemical study on the small Intestine of Indigenous piglets of Assam During preweaning period Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy26165-672014
Deka A, Baishya G, Sarma K, Devchoudhury K B, and Rajkhowa J.Comparative Anatomical study on the Isthmus of Pati and Chara Chambali Ducks (Anas Platyrhynchos domesticus) during laying periodsIndian Journal of Vety. Anatomy262120-1212014
Devchoudhury K B, Deka A, Sarma M, Rajkhowa, J.Phenotypic Morphometric Study on an Adult Common Palm Civet (paradoxurus hermaphrodites)IOSR Journal of Agriculture & Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS)837-3820151.48
Rajkhowa, J.; Sheikh, I.U.; Bhattacharya,M. and Choudhury,K.DComparative Anatomy of Vertebral Column of Yak (Poephagus grunniens). Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy151-62003
Bhattacharya,M. ; Sheikh,I.U. and . Rajkhowa,J. Epidermal Thickness in the Skin of Yak (Poephagus grunniens)Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy1573-762003
Bhattacharya,M. ; Sheikh,I.U. and . Rajkhowa,JHistoenzymic Study on the Epidermis of Yak (Poephagus grunniens). Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy1666-682004
Rajkhowa,J.; Baishya,G and Barman,N.NDevelopment of Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue in Indigenous Piglets during Pre-weaning periodIndian Veterinary Journal1295-12962005
Rajkhowa,J.; Nandankar,U.A.; Bhattacharya,M. and Pourochottamane,RSurface Pelvimetry in Yak.Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy1775-772005
Rajkhowa,J.; Baishya,G and Talukdar,S.RBiometry of Small Intestine Development of Indigenous Piglets during Pre-weaning periodIndian Veterinary Journal764-7662006
Pourouchattamane, R.; Chatterjee, A.; Rajkhowa, J.and Kataktalware, M. AEffect of Castration on Growth Performance of Male Yak CalvesIndian Veterinary Journal8388-892006
Bandyopadhyay,S.; Ghosh,M. K.; Rajkhowa, JKeratoconjuntivitis with Corneal Opacity in a DzomoIndian Veterinary Journal296-2972007
Kataktalware, M. A.; Pourouchattamane, R.; Rajkhowa, J; Borah, B.K.D.; Borah; S.; Saravanan, B.C. and Sarkar, MPhysiological Performance of Yak under varying Load Carrying ConditionsIndian Journal of Animal Sciences782231-2332008
Ramesha, K.P.; Pradhan, V.K.; Kataktalware, M. A.; Rajkhowa, J.; Bora, M.; Krishnan,G.; Kumar, N.; Saravanan, B.C.; Biswas, T. and Bhattacharya,MEffect of pack at high altitude on Yak (Poephagus grunniens)Indian Journal of Animal Sciences79487-4882009
Rajkhowa,J.; Baishya,G and Bhattacharya,MHistochemical Changes of Small Intestine of Indigenous Piglets of Assam During Pre-weaning Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy242117-1182012
Rajkhowa,J. and Baishya,GMicro-Anatomy of Small Intestine of Indigenous Piglets of Assam during Pre-weaning Period.Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy25289-912013
Sinha, S.; Devchoudhury, K. B. D.; Deka, A.; Rajkhowa, J. and Sarma, MOsteomorphology of Femur of the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites). Advances in Bioresearch822017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Sarma, S.; Goswami, J.; Mahanta, J. D.; Talukdar, D.; Rajkhowa, J. and Perumal, PAnatomical studies on the sperm storage organ of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks.Indian Journal of Animal Research2017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Rajkhowa, J.; Ahmed, J.; Sinha, S. and Kachari, J. Macro anatomical study on the Heart of Asian Elephant Calf (Elephas maximus).Journal of Entomology and Zoological studies2017
Sarkar, M; Sengupta, D.H.; Dutta Bora, B.; Rajkhowa, J.; Bora, S.; Bandopadhaya,S.; Gosh, M.; Ahmed, F. A.; Saikia, P.;Krishna, M.; Prakash, B. SEfficacy of Heatsynch protocol for induction of estrus, synchronization of ovulation and timed artificial insemination in Yaks Animal Reproduction Science 104299-3052008
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Rajkhowa, J.; Sarma, M. and Ahmed, J.Macro and Micro Anatomical Studies on Oesophagus, Proventriculus and Gizzard of Pati Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) of Assam.International Journal of Chemical studies52443-4452017


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