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Akhtar,F., Aziz, A., Goswami, R.N., and Zaman. GPath coefficient analysis of first lactation milk yield in Frieswal cattle of Assam.Indian Journal of Animal Production and Management311-2102-1042015
Akhtar,F., Aziz, A., Roy, T.C., and Zaman. G.(Factors affecting age at first calving in Frieswal cattle of Assam.The North-East Vetrinarian.14433-1342015
Kharghoria,G., Zaman.G., Laskar, S., Das, Bula., Aziz.A.,Roychudhury.R.and Roy T.C.(Phenotypic characterization and performance studies of Niang Megha and Doom pigs of North eastern India.Asian Acad.Res.J.Multidisciplinary127667-6762014
Zaman.G., Aziz.A., Laskar, S.,Phookan.Arundhati and Akhtar. FarzinReproductive performance of indigenous pigs of northeast India.The North-East Vetrinarian1429-102004
Zaman,G., Nahardeka,N., Laskar, S., Das, B., Ferdoci, A. M.,Aziz,A.,Das,G..,and ChandraShekar,MMolecular characterization of Assam local goats using microsatellite markers.Indian Veterinary Journal91249-522014
Saikia, Jnyanashree., Roy,T.C., Aziz, A., Das,Bula., and Saleque, A.Effect of season,year,month and type of birth on the sex ratio in Assam LocalX Beetal goats. The North-East Vetrinarian.13412-132014
Zaman,G., Chandra Shekar,M and Aziz,AMolecular Characterization of Meghalaya Local Pigs (Niang Megha) using Microsatellite Markers.Indian Journal of Science and Technology6105302-53062013
Choudhury,A.K., Saharia,K.K., Borgohain, A. Aziz, A., Mili, D.C.and Bora, LeemaAttitude of Television viewing farmers towards animal husbandry programme. JCSXXXI1234-392013
Das, B., Das, D., Aziz, A., Kalita, D. And Roy. T.CStudies on body weights of Assam Local and assam Local crossbred goats.Tamil Nadu J. Veterinary & Animal Sciences94292-2952013
Zaman G, Nahardeka N, Aziz A, Chandra Shekar M, Sharma K and Parikh RakeshMolecular Characterization of Nagaland Long Hair GoatInternational Multidisciplinary Research Journal,3108-122013
Zaman.G., Aziz, A and Kiba, H.ZStudies on Nagaland Long Haired goatThe North-East Vetrinarian1526-82015


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