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Zaman G, Aziz A, Laskar S, Phookan Arundhati and Akhtar Farzin Reproductive performance of Indigenous pigs of Northeast India.The North East VeterinarianXIV22014
Das. G.C., Das, P.K; Deori, S ; Mazumdar, H; Bhattacharyya, B.N. and Phookan Arundhati Seasonal variation in the characteristics of the swamp buffalo semen of northeast India. Buffalo Bulletin361215-21920170.067
Deori, S ; Deka, B. C; Arangasamy , A; Biswas, R .K ; Selvaraju, S ; Bhuyan, D ; Nahardeka, N ; Somashekar, L; Parthipan, S; Kalita, D. J; Saikai Borah Rumi and Phookan Arundhati . Electrophoretic profile of sperm membrane proteins and correlation with fresh semen characteristics in Assam Hill goat. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences .86 111269–1273.20160.174
Rajbongshi Pradip; Ferdoci A.M; Goswami Rabindranath; Kalita Dhireswar; Haque Adib; Bhuyan Dipak and Phookan Arundhati Heritability Estimates of reproductive Traits in Crossbred Pigs. Journal of Animal Research.65983-985. 2016NAAS rating : 5.68
1. Phookan, Arundhati ; Roy, T.C ; Goswami, R.N; Kalita, D; Laskar, S and Roychoudhury, R. Effect of some non genetic factors on litter traits in Crossbred pigs. Indian Veterinary Journal 905 133-134.20130.03
3. Phookan , Arundhati; Roy, T.C; Goswami, R.N ; Kalita, D; Laskar ,S; Roychoudhury , R. and Deka ,B.C. Genetic studies on the litter traits of crossbred pigs with 50 and 75 percent Hampshire inheritance. Indian Journal of Animal Research, 473268-2692013 0.091
4. Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy,T.C; Goswami, R.N., Kalita,D; Laskar,S.,Deka ,B.C. and Roychoudhury , R. Selection indices for improving crossbred( Hampshire X Indigenous) pigs of Assam.Indian Veterinary Journal89770-7320120.03
Phookan, Arundhati ; Laskar, S., Goswami ,R.N. and Deori S. Haemoglobin type, Haemoglobin concentration and serum alkaline phosphatase level in Indigenous pigs of Assam. Tamilnadu J. of Veterinary and Animal Science7 2110-111.2011NAAS rate : 3.78
Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy,T.C; Goswami , R.N., Kalita ,D; Laskar,S.,Deka ,B.C; Roychoudhury , R and Deori, S.Direct and correlated responses to selection in crossbred pigs.Indian Veterinary Journal .Vol.87(3) pp 253-254 20100.03
Das , D.N., Basumatary, R. and Phookan , Arundhati Chromosomal aberrations in Yak hybrids.. Indian Veterinary Journal Vol 86 No.10 pp1087-108820090.03
Das ,D.N. , Phookan Arundhati and Basumatary, R. Chromosomal profile of Hill cattle hybrids. ,Indian Veterinary Journal pp276-2782009
Phookan Arundhati; Laskar, S., Deori, S and Goswami, R.N. (2009). Growth performance of Indigenous pigs of Assam. Indian Veterinary JournalVol 86 pp50-520.03
Das, D.N. , Basumatary, R; Phookan, Arundhati and Sarkar, M. Chromosomal profile in F1 Yak hybrids. Indian Veterinary Journal.,85164-16620080.03
Phookan, Arundhati ; Laskar, S., Aziz, A and Goswami ,R.N.Reproductive performance of indigenous pigs of the Brahmaputra valley of Assam. Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal science.2 (4).pp121-125.2006NAAS : 3.78


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