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Zaman, G., Nahardeka, N., Laskar, S., Das, B., Ferdoci, A.M., Aziz, A., Das, G.C. and Chandra Shekhar, M. Molecular Characterization of Assam Local goats using Microsatellite Markers.Indian Veterinary Journal910249-522014
Das, Rupam, Laskar, S., Borah, P., Kalita, D.J., Das, Bula and Zaman G. Polymorphism and nucleotide sequencing of BMPR1B gene in prolific Assam hill goat. Mol Biol Rep413677-36812014
Saikia, Jnyanashree, Roy, T. C., Aziz, A., Das, Bula and Saleque, A. Effect of season, year, month and type of birth on the sex ratio in Assam LocalX Beetal goats.The North-East VeterinarianXIII412-132014
iv) Khargharia, G., Zaman, G., Laskar, S., Das, Bula, Aziz, A., Roychoudhury, R. and Roy, T. C.Phenotypic Characterization and Performance Studies Of Niang Megha and Doom Pigs of North Eastern India.Asian Academic research Journal of Multidisciplinary127667-6762014
Jebin,I., Das, Bula , Borah P., Kalita , D.J., Roy, T.C. , Zaman, G.U. and Hussain, I. Genotyping of β-lactoglobulin (β-lg) gene by PCR-RFLP in indigenous cattle of Assam.Indian Journal of Animal Research2015
v) Das, B., Sarma, H. K. and Das, D. Cytogenetic studies on Assam Local and Assam Local X Beetal (F1) goats. J. Assam Vet. Council323-281993
vi) Choudhury, A., Das, D., Goswami, R. N. and Das, B. Studies on Karyotypes of Assam Local Cattle.Indian Veterinary Journal73141-451996
vii) Das, B., Roy, T. C., Nahardeka, N. and Saleque, A. Factors affecting mortality in goats of Assam.Indian J. Small Ruminants3293-981997
viii) Das, B., Roy, T. C., Goswami, R. N. and Saleque, A. Factors affecting birth weight in Assam Local and Beetal X Assam Local (F1) kidsIndian J. Small Ruminants4283-861998
Roy, T. C., Mahanta, P. K., Goswami, R. N., Deka, D. and Das, BEffect of season and period on age at first fertile service and age at first calving in Holstein-Friesian Cattle.Indian J. Anim. Hlth.40151-542001
Nahardeka, N., Das, D, Roy, T. C., Goswami, R. N., Das, G. C., Gogoi, P. K. and Das, B.Studies on body weights of Assam Local goats and their crosses with Beetal. Indian Veterinary Journal78811-8142001
Roy, T. C., Das, B., Deka, D. and Pyrbot, E. Non-genetic factors affecting first lactation traits in a Holstein-Friesian herd. Cheiron303&499-100
Das, Bula, Das, D., Roy, T. C., Goswami, R. N. and Das, A.Factors affecting pre-weaning body measurements of Assam Local and Assam Local crossbred kids.Indian Journal of Small Ruminants7261-632001
Roy, T. C., Rahman, M., Deka, D. and Das, Bula Studies on some physical quality traits of Nageswari duck eggs. Indian Veterinary Journal79517- 5182002
Sarkar, N. C., Nahardeka, N., Das, D., Roy, T. C. and Das, BGenetic studies on economic traits of Rhode Island Red chickens of Meghalaya. Indian Vet. Med. Jour.26109-1112002
xv) Das, Bula, Das, D., Roy, T. C., Goswami, R. N. and Aziz, A. Factors affecting post-weaning body measurements of Assam Local and Assam Local crossbred goats.Indian Veterinary Journal791086-10882002
Roy, T. C., Rahman, M., Kalita, N. and Das, B. Effect of season and year on the fertility and hatchability in White Leghorn chickens of Meghalaya.Indian Veterinary Journal801026-10292003
Das, B., Das, A., Bhuyan, D. and Roy, T. C. Studies on karyotype of swamp type buffaloes of AssamIndian Vet. Med. Jour.282642004
Das, Bula and Das, Dharmeswar Karyotyping of Beetal X Assam Local goats (Capra hircus) Indian Journal of Small Ruminants102159-1622004
Das, A., Das, D., Goswami, R. N., Bhuyan, D. and Das, B.(Effects of lactation order and season and period of calving on lactation length of swamp buffalo and its repeatability.Indian Vet. Med. Jour.283582004
Das, Bula, Das, D., Aziz, A., Roy, T. C. and Kalita, D. Factors affecting reproductive performance of Assam Local and crossbred goats. Indian Veterinary Journal811352-13542004
Das, Bula, Aziz, A., Roy, T. C., Kalita, D. and Nath, R. Factors affecting the levels of certain serum electrolytes and enzymes in Assam local and Beetal X Assam local kids.Indian Journal of Animal Research443219-2212010
Das Bula and Das DharmeswarKaryotype of Assam Local goats (Capra hircus).Indian Journal of Animal Research452147-1492011
Magotra, A., Das, B., Naskar, S., Roy, T. C., Das, A., Badyal, N., Banik, S, And Sahoo, N. R., Molecular Characterization of FSHb Gene in Indigenous Pigs.Indian Veterinary Journal90167 – 692013
xxiv) Badyal, N., Das, A., Naskar, S., Roy, T. C., Nath, K.C., Das, B., Magotra, A., Pourouchottaman, R. and Pankaj, K., Molecular characterization of halothane (hal) gene in indigenous pigs. Veterinary practitioner14128-292013
Das, Bula, Das, D., Aziz, A., Kalita, D. and Roy, T. C.,Studies on body weights of Assam Local and Assam Local crossbred goats.Tamilnadu J. Veterinary & Animal Sciences94292 – 2952013
xxvi) Boro, R., Sharma, H. K., Das, Bula and Roy, T. C.,Karyotyping of Jersey and crossbreed bullsBhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika 282105 – 1082013
Dutta, R., Das, B., Laskar, S., Kalita, D. J., Borah, P., Zaman, G. and Saikia, D. P.Polymorphism, sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) gene in Assam Hill goat. African Journal of Biotechnology12506894-690020130.57
Saikia Jnyanashree, Roy, T. C., Naskar, S., Das, B. and Ferdoci, A.MMolecular characterization of Cytochrome B gene in indigenous pigIndian J. Anim. Res492196-19820150.091
Jebin,I., Das, B. , Borah P., Kalita , Dhrubajyoti, Roy, T.C. , Zaman, G.U. and Hussain, IftikarGenotyping of β-lactoglobulin (β-lg) gene by PCR-RFLP in indigenous cattle of AssamIndian J. Anim Res502160-1632016


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