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Akhtar,F., Aziz, A., Goswami, R.N., and Zaman. G.Path coefficient analysis of first lactation milk yield in Frieswal cattle of Assam. Indian Journal of Animal Production and Management311-2102-1042015
Zaman,G., M. Chandra Shekar,M., Nath,M.K., Naku Taloh and Rank. D.NMolecular characterization of indigenous pigs of Arunachal Pradesh using microsatellite markers.Indian Veterinary Journal 92641-452015
Jebin, Irin., Das, Bula., Borah, P., Kalita,D.J., Toy,T.C., Zaman,G.U.and Hussain Md. Iftikar. Genotyping of β- Lactoglobulin (β-Lg) gene by PCR- RFLP in indigenous cattle of Assam, IndiaIndian J. Anim. 2015
Zaman G and M. Chandra Shekar Genetic diversity of indigenous goat populations of north east India including West Bengal based on microsatellite markers.Animal Molecular Breeding 531-72015
Akhtar,F., Aziz, A., Roy, T.C., and Zaman. G.Factors affecting age at first calving in Frieswal cattle of Assam.The North-East Vetrinarian.14433-1342015
Devi, Bhanita., Laskar, S., Borah, P., Kalita, D.J., Zaman.G.U., Ferdoci. A.M.and Hussain,I.Polymorphism of SLC11A1 gene in Doom pigs of Asom. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences854404–4062015
Kharghoria,G., Zaman.G., Laskar, S., Das, Bula., Aziz.A.,Roychudhury.R.and Roy T.C.(Phenotypic characterization and performance studies of Niang Megha and Doom pigs of North eastern India.Asian Acad.Res.J.Multidisciplinary127667-676 2014
Zaman.G., Aziz.A., Laskar, S.,Phookan.Arundhati and Akhtar. FarzinReproductive performance of indigenous pigs of northeast India.The North-East Vetrinarian.1429-102014
Zaman.G., Chandra Shekar. M., Nath. M.K. Kiba, H.Z. and Savino,N.Molecular characterization of Votho pigs from Nagaland using microsatellite markers.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences84101137–11392014
Zaman, G., Kharghoria. G., Dutta. Rupam., Chandra Shekar. M., Parikh Rakesh Linkage of goat fecundity with the loci BMPR-IB and BMP15,Bio Technology: An Indian J. 1061382-13832014
Zaman G, Laskar S, Ferdoci A M, Chandra Shekar M and Chetri A J Molecular characterization of Doom pigs using microsatellite markers.African Journal of Biotechnology13303017-30222014
Saikia DP, Kalita DJ, Borah P, Zaman GU, Dutta R, Saikia B Molecular fingerprinting of mitochondrial 12s rrna and 16s rrna gene of the indigenous pig of Assam. J. of Cell and Tissue Res.1424279-42802014
Dutta Rupam, Laskar Subimal, Borah Probodh, Kalita Dhrubajyoti, Das Bula, Zaman Galib, Barman Nagendra Nath, Saikia Deep Prakash Polymorphism and nucleotide sequencing of BMPR1B gene in prolific Assam hill goat.Mol Biol Rep. 413677–36812014
G. Zaman, M. Chandra Shekar, G. Kharghoria, Fazal Ali Ahmed Molecular characterization of Mizoram local pigs (Zovawk) using microsatellite markers. Biotechnology: An Indian Journal10124-282014
G. Zaman, N. Nahardeka, S. Laskar, B. Das, A. M. Ferdoci, A. Aziz,G.C. Das and M. Chandra Shekar Molecular characterization of Assam local goats using microsatellite markers.Indian Veterinary Journal91249-522014
G. Zaman, M. Chandra Shekar, M.K. Nath and Nurul Islam Molecular Characterization of Mali Pigs of Tripura Using Microsatellite Markers.Global Veterinaria 116742-7462013
Zaman.G, Kharghoria. G and M.,Nath.Molecular characterization of Nagaland local Pig (suwo) using microsatellite markers.Tamil Nadu J. Veterinary & Animal Sciences95325 – 3312013
S. Arularasan, M. Chandra Shekar, G. Zaman, S.M.K. Karthikeyan, D.N. Rank, T.K. Jisha, R. Muthazlaian and T. Balasubramanian Evaluation of within Species Diversity in Natural Stock of Babylonia spirata (Linnaeus, 1758), Along Tamilnadu Coast of India Using Microsatellite Markers. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 6166-712014
G. Zaman, M. Chandra Shekar and A. Aziz Molecular Characterization of Meghalaya Local Pigs (Niang Megha) using Microsatellite Markers.Indian Journal of Science and Technology6105302-53062013
G Zaman, M Chandra Shekar, M K Nath, H Z Kiba and N Savino Molecular characterization of Votho pigs from Nagaland using microsatellite markers.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences84101137–11392014
G. Zaman, N. Nahardeka, A.J. Chetri, M. Chandra Shekar and D.N. RankMolecular characterization of Bengal goats using microsatellite markers.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences83121343–13462013
Dutta. R., Das..B., Laskar. S., Kalita.D.J.,Borah. P., Zaman. G. and Saikia.D.JPolymorphism, sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) gene in Assam Hill goat.African Journal of Biotechnology12506894-69002013
Bora, M., Goswami, R.N., Das, D., Zaman, G., Das, A. and Nath, MCombining ability effects on post weaning growth performance in terms of average daily gain in body weight in rabbit.Tamil Nadu J. Veterinary & Animal Sciences66275-2792010
Kayastha, R.B., Zaman, G. Goswami, R.N. and Haque,APhysical and morphometric characterization of indigenous cattle of AssamOpen Vety.J1120101.1397
Dutta. R., Das..B., Laskar. S., Kalita.D.J.,Borah. P., Zaman. G. and Saikia.D.JPolymorphism, sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) gene in Assam Hill goatAfrican Journal of Biotechnology126894-690020130.537
Islam,M., Mahanta,J.D., Barua, N., and Zaman. GBiometrical characteristics of Muscovy type Cina Hanh of paper2013
Islam,M., Mahanta,J.D., Barua, N., and Zaman. GEconomics of rearing Muscovy type Cina Hanh of paper2013
6) Zaman, Galib. Uz ; Nahardeka, Naba Laskar Subimal, Ferdoci ; Ali. Mohomad and Chetri Arun Jyoti Molecular characterization of Assam Hill GoatAmerican Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences82103-1082013
Zaman G, Nahardeka N, Aziz A, Chandra Shekar M, Sharma K and Parikh Rakesh Molecular Characterization of Nagaland Long Hair GoatInternational Multidisciplinary Research Journal3108-122013
Zaman. G, Chandra Shekar. M., Ferdoci. A.M. and Laskar. S. Molecular Characterization of Ghungroo pigInternational Journal of Animal Biotechnology31-42013
Zaman.G.,. Nahardeka. N.,. Chetri. A.J, Chandra Shekar. M.and Rank. D.NMolecular characterization of Bengal goats using microsatellite markers.Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 83121343-13460.174
Zaman.G., Aziz, A and Kiba, H.Z. Studies on Nagaland Long Haired goatThe North-East Vetrinarian1526-82015
Zaman.G., Chandra Shekar. M., Laskar, S., Ferdoci. A.M. and Rank, D.NMolecular characterization of Assam Local pig.Indian J.Biotech416-41920150.287
Chandra Shekar M, Arularasan S,Nathani, N.M., Zaman G., C.G.JoshiGenetic architecture of three Turbinella pyrum varieties (Linnaeus,1758) from the southeast coast of IndiaMarine Ecology2016
Chandra Shekar M, Arularasan S,. Viswanathan. M.S, Venmathi Maran B.A.,Zaman G.UVariation in shell mormhology and adult specimen weight in three varieties of commercially important Gastrpod Turbinella Pyrum (Linnaeus,1767) from southeast coast of IndiaJ.Marine Sci Res Dev20161.62


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Molecular Characterization of Indigenous Livestock of North East India and West Bengal.2014Dr. G.Zaman. M.ChandrashekarC.V.Sc., AAU (DRV/PUB-801/2014 -15/40)
Doom pig. An Indigenous Pig Germplasm of Assam2016Santanu Banik Soumen Naskar G.Zaman D.K.Sarma M.K.Tamuli R.S.Gandhi Monograph. Published by ICAR-NRC on Pig, Rani
Livestock and Poultry Generic Resources of Assam2017Dr.Galib Uz Zaman Dr.Abdul Aziz Dr.Farzin Akhtar Book. Published by Bandhab publishers, Panbazar. Guwahati-1
A Monograph on Local Cattle of AssamGopal Chandra Das Galib Uz Zaman N.Nahardeka 2017Monograph.(DRV/PUB-801/2016 -17/59)


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