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Zaman, G., Nahardeka, N. Laskar, S. Das, B. Ferdoci, A. M. Aziz, A. , Das, G. C. And Chandra Shekhar, M.Molecular Characterization of Assam Local Goats using Microsatellite markers.Indian Veterinary Journal91249-522014
Dutta, Rupam., Laskar, Subimal., Borah, Probodh, Kalita, Dhrubajyoti., Das, Bula, Zaman, Galib,Barman, Nagendra Nath, and Sakia, Deep PrakashPolymorphism , and nucleotide sequencing of BMPR 1B gene in prolific Assam Hill Goat. Mol. Biol. Rep413677-36812014
Zaman, G., Laskar, S. Ferdoci, A. M., Chandra Shekhar, M. and Chetri, A. JMolecular Charactrization of Doom pigs using Microsatellite markers. African Journal of Biotechnology13303017-30222014
Zaman, G., Aziz, A. , Laskar, S., Phookan Arundhati, and Akhtar Farzin Reproductive performance of indigenous pigs of Northeast India.The North-East Veterinarian1429-10 2014
Khargharia, G.,Zaman, G., Laskar, S., Das, Bula, Aziz, A. ,Roychoudhury, R and Roy, T. C. Phenotypic Charactrization and performance studies of Niang Megha and Doom pigs of North eastern India. Asian Acad. Res. J. Multidisciplinary127667-6762014
Devi Bhanita, Laskar, S., Borah, P. Kalita, D. J., Zaman G. U., Ferdoci, A. M. aand Hussain ,I. Polymorphism of SLC11A1 gene in Doom pigs of Asomm.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences854404-4062015
Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy, T.C; Goswami , R.N., Kalita ,D; Laskar,S., Deka ,B.C; Roychoudhury , R and Deori, SDirect and correlated responses to selection in crossbred pigsIndian Veterinary Journal 873253-25420100.03
Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy,T.C; Goswami, R.N., Kalita,D; Laskar,S., Deka ,B.C. and Roychoudhury , R.Selection indices for improving crossbred ( Hampshire X Indigenous) pigs of AssamIndian Veterinary Journal 89770-7320120.03
Phookan, Arundhati ; Roy, T.C ; Goswami, R.N; Kalita, D; Laskar, S and Roychoudhury, REffect of some non genetic factors on litter traits in Crossbred pigsIndian Veterinary Journal 905133-13420130.03
Phookan , Arundhati; Roy, T.C; Goswami, R.N ; Kalita, D; Laskar ,S; Roychoudhury , R. and Deka ,B.CGenetic studies on the litter traits of crossbred pigs with 50 and 75 percent Hampshire inheritanceIndian Journal of Animal Research473268-26920130.091
Dutta. R., Das..B., Laskar. S., Kalita.D.J., Borah. P., Zaman. G. and Saikia.D.JPolymorphism, sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) gene in Assam Hill goatAfrican Journal of Biotechnology12506894-690020130.537
Zaman, Galib. Uz ; Nahardeka, Naba Laskar Subimal, Ferdoci ; Ali. Mohomad and Chetri Arun JyotiMolecular characterization of Assam Hill GoatAmerican Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences82103-1082013
Zaman. G, Chandra Shekar. M., Ferdoci. A.M. and Laskar. SMolecular Characterization of Ghungroo pigInternational Journal of Animal Biotechnology31-42013
Devi, Bhanita., Laskar, S., Borah, P., Kalita, D.J., Zaman. G.U., Ferdoci. A.M.and Hussain,I.Polymorphism of SLC11A1 gene in Doom pigs of Asom Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 854404-40620150.091
Zaman.G., Chandra Shekar. M., Laskar, S., Ferdoci. A.M. and Rank, D.NMolecular characterization of Assam Local pigIndian J.Biotech416-41920150.287
Devi, Bhanita , Laskar, Subimal, Borah, Prabodh, Hussain, Iftikar and Bharti, Panch Kishor Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the SLC11A1 gene in pigs J.Applied Anim. Res2016


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