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Magotra, A., Das, B., Naskar, S., Roy, T. C., Das, A., Badyal, N., Banik, S. And Sahoo, N.R.Molecular characterization of FSHb gene in indigenous pigs.Indian Veterinary Journal9067-692013
Phookan, A., Roy, T. C., Goswami, R.N., Kalita, D., Laskar, S., Roychoudhury, R. and Deka, B.C.Genetic studies on the litter traits of crossbred pigs, with 50 and 75 per cent of Hampshire inheritance. Indian Journal of Animal Research473268-2692013
Phookan, A., Roy, T. C., Goswami, R.N., Kalita, D., Laskar, S. and Roychoudhury, R.Effect of some non-genetic factors on litter traits in crossbred pigs.Indian Veterinary Journal905133-1342013
Badyal, N., Das, A., Naskar, S., Roy, T. C., Nath, K.C., Das, B., Magotra, A., Pourouchottaman, R., and Pankaj, P.K. Molecular characterization of Halothane (HAL) gene in indigenous pigs.Veterinary Practitioner 14128-1292013
Das, B., Das, D., Aziz, A., Kalita, D. and Roy, T. C.Studies on body weights of Assam Local and Assam Local crossbred goats. Tamilnadu J. Veterinary & Animal Sciences94292-2952013
Boro, R., Sharma, H.K., Das, B. and Roy, T. C. Karyotyping of Jersey and crossbred bulls. Bhartiya Krishi Anushandhan Patrika282105-1082013
Jnyanashree Saikia, T. C. Roy, A. Aziz, Bula Das and A. Saleque Effect of Season, year, month and type of birth on the sex ratio in Assam Local x Beetal goats. The North –East Veterinarian23412-132014
Farzin Akhtar, A. Aziz, T. C. Roy and G. Zaman Factors affecting age at first Calvimg in Frieswal cattle of Assam. The North –East Veterinarian14433-342015
Khargharia, G., Zaman, G., Laskar, S. ,Das, B., Aziz, A., Roychoudhury, R., and Roy, T. C.Phenotypic characterization and performance studies of Niang Megha and Doom pigs of North Eastern India. Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary127667-6762014
Jebin, Irin., Das, Bula, Borah, P., Kalita, D.J., Roy, T.C., Zaman, G. and Hussain, Md. I.Genotyping of B-Lactoglobulin (B-Lg) gene by PCR-RFLP in indigenous cattle of Assam, India. Indian Journal of Animal Research2015
Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy, T.C; Goswami , R.N., Kalita ,D; Laskar,S., Deka ,B.C; Roychoudhury , R and Deori, SDirect and correlated responses to selection in crossbred pigsIndian Veterinary Journal 873253-2542010
Phookan ,Arundhati ; Roy,T.C; Goswami, R.N., Kalita,D; Laskar,S.,Deka ,B.C. and Roychoudhury , RSelection indices for improving crossbred ( Hampshire X Indigenous) pigs of AssamIndian Veterinary Journal 873253-25420100.03


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