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Das, Arpana; Das, D.; Goswami, R. N.; Bhuyan, D. and Sinha, S. Effects of non genetic factors on lactation milk yield and peak yield of swamp buffalo and their repeatability. Indian Journal of Animal Research2014
Bora, Paranjal; Nahardeka, N.; Saleque, A.; Sarmah, R. G.; Sarma, J. P.; Das, Ankur and Das, ArpanaKidding pattern of Assam Hill goat. Indian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt303-461-63 2014
Bhuyan, D,; Dutta, J. C.; Sinha, S.; Sarma, N. K. and Das, A. Parturition behaviour of swamp buffaloes of AssamIndian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt. 293-41-4 2014
Sinha, S.; Bora, T. C.; Bhuyan, D.; Sarma, N. K. and Das, ABehavioral signs and intensity of oestrus in swamp buffaloes of Assam.Indian J. Indian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt. 293-45-82014
L.Tynghan,; Bhuyan, D,; Nath. K.C.;Saharia,J.; Dutta,D.J.;Biswas,R.K. and Das, ArpanaSemen characteristics of Hampshire boar semen during preservation in different extenders at liquid stateIndian Veterinary Journal92465 -672015
Dewry,R.K;Deka,B.C; Bhuyan, D,; Sinha, S.; Biswas,R.K.;Hazarika,S.B.; Borah,P.; Nath,N.C. and Das, A.Effect of butylated hydroxyl tolune on the quality on frozen goat semen. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences854352 -3552015


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