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Kalita, D.N.Responsibilities of the modern scientists—A view of a studentVet.Col.XVI19.1976
Roy, D.C., Kalita,D.N and Dutta, T.C.A survey on the incidence of parasitic diseases of domestic animals in and around Guwahati city.VI. Ann.. Con. Ind. Soc. Vety. Medicine.671987
Kalita,D.N and Dutta, T.C. and Roy,D.C.Clinical efficacy of ampicillin in dogs.VI. ANN. Con Ind. Soc.Vety. Medicine.791987
Kalita,D.N, Bhuyan,D.C. and Medhi, A.K.Therapeutic evaluation of Rafoxanide in local buffalo. The Assam Veterinarian561-62.1992
Kalita,D.N.Management of canine babesiosis.Indian. J.Vet.Med.14411993
Kalita,D.N. and Roychoudhury, G.KComparative efficacy of four serological tests for the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis.Indian J. Vet. Med..14411993
Kalita,D.N. and Roychoudhury, G.K.Incidence of bovine brucellosis in different herds of cattle of Assam.J Assam Vet. Council.358-59.1993
Kalita, D.N.Organophosphate compound poisoning in a cross-bred dairy herd. Indian J. Vet. Med.69371993
Kalita, D.N. and Dutta, G.N. Immunomodulatory effect of levamisole upon Newcastle Disease, Pigeon pox and Marek’s disease vaccination in broiler chicken. Indian J. Vet. Med..76490-492.1999
Kalita, D.N., and Dutta,G.N.Effect of levamisole on antibody response in broiler chicks simmultaneously vaccinated against Pigeon pox and Marek,s disease vaccination.Ist.Ann and Nat. Sym. On Vety Public Health.97-98. 2002
Kalita, D.N., Dutta, G.N.Effect of single and combined vaccination against Newcastle disease, Pigeon pox and Marek,s disease in broiler chicken.Indian J. Vet.Med.8054-57.2003
Kalita, D.N , Dutta,G.N and Kalita,C.C.Effect of levamisole on antibody response in broiler chicks.simmultaneously vaccinated against Newcastle Disease and Fowl pox. Indian J. Vet. Med.80.(2)(2)96-98.2003
Kalita, D.N Treatment of Surra in a horse: a case report.The North EastVeterinarianII142003
Kalita, D.N Anthelmintics and their resistance in animals. The North East VeterinarianIII17-18.2003
Kalita, D.NA retrospective study on the prevalence of diseases of zoo animals in Assam state zoo. Indian Veterinary Journal81 (1)(1)96-972004
Deepa Lahkar; Kalita, D.N and Neog,R Epizootioloy of domestic mange in dogs.Indian Veterinary Journal82.(5)(5)501-502.2005
Deepa Lahkar; Kalita, D.N and Neog,R Comparative efficacy of certain Acaricides against canine demodicosis. Indian Veterinary Journal82.(6)(6)618-620.2005
Deepa Lahkar; Kalita, D.N and Neog,RTreatment of Sarcoptic mange with Olinall skin lotion in dogs.Indian Veterinary Journal83.(10)(10)692006
Thakuria, P; Buragohain, B; Arnab, A and Kalita, D.N.Incidence of Milk Fever in cowConference Ind. Soc.Vety. Medicine1712012
Bhuyan, J; Kalita, D.N.;Hazarika, R.A.and Saikia G.K.Comparative efficacy of different antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of colibacillosis in calf.Indian Veterinary Journal2012
Kalita, D.N.Biopesticide: A new approach to control fly infestation in domestic animalsaccepted for publication in The North East Veterinarian2012
Dutta P.R.; Hafiz A.; Bora S., Phukan A.; Kalita D.N. and Talukdar S.KPrevalence of canine diseases in Guwahati cityIndian. Vet. J906103-1042013
Bhuyan, J. and Kalita, D.NSerotyping and drug sensitivity of Escherichia coli isolated from diarrhoeic and nondirrhoeic calfIndian J field vetrinarian9110-122013
Dutta P.R.; Hafiz A., Bora S.,Phukan A.,Kalita D.NSeasonal prevalence pattern of diseases of ruminants in rural Kamrup district of AssamIndian J. field veterianarian966-692013
Hafiz A.; Kalita D.N.; Islam S and Phukan APrevalence of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in goats of hilly region of guwahati and nearby area of assam.XXIV National Congress of Veterinary parasitology& National symposium.held at C.V.Sc. khanapara5-72014
Hafiz A.; Kalita D.N.; Islam S; Salque A. and Phukan AEpidemiology of haemonchosis in goats of assamXXIV National Congress of Veterinary parasitology& National symposium.held at C.V.Sc. khanapara5-72014
Thakuria, P; Kalita, D.N.; Phukan,A; Neog,R ; Dutta, T.C. and Saleque, AClinical Management of Caprine ScabiesIntas Polivet142288-2892014
Thakuria, P; Kalita, D.N.; Phukan,A; Neog,R ; and Saleque, AHaematobiochemical study in sarcoptic mange infested goatsIndian Vet. J91812-142014
Kalita, D.N, Barman,D., Yadav, S. N., Barman, U., Ahmed, F, Das, G and Thakuria, P Therapeutic Management of Babesiosis with a concurrent infection of Ehrlichiosis in an English Mastif dogXXXIII Annual Convention & National Symposium of Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine,1732015
34. Kalita, D.N., Phukan, A., Dutta, T.C., Barman,D., Baishya, B., Chankija,B. Yadav, S. NTherapeutic Management of Hypothyroidism in a Golden Retriever dogXXXIII Annual Convention & National Symposium of Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine1482015
Hafiz A.; Kalita D.N.; Saleque A; Islam S and Ansari, M.MDetection of clinical anaemia caused by Haemonchus goats of Assam using an Eye Colour Chart: FAMACHA MethodInternational J Vet Sci52107-1102016
Hafiz A.; Kalita D.N.; Islam S. Saleque A and Phukan AEpidemiology of Haemonchosis in goats inAssam. Indian Vet 40-422016
Yadav, S. N., Kalita,D.N. Phukan, A.; Mahato, G, Tamuly, S. N., Dutta. T.C., Saleque, A., Barman, D. and Thakuria, PPrevalence of Subclinical Ketosis in Goats of Guwahati , AssamJ. Anim. Vet. Adv1413382-3852016
Yadav, S. N., Kalita,D.N. Phukan, A.;, Tamuly, S. N., Dutta. T.C. Mahato, G, Saleque, A.and Barman, D. Diagnosis of Caprine Ketosis using Human hand held Ketone Meter.Bangaladesh J. Vet. Med142179-1812016


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