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N.N.Barman, S.Goswami, G.K.Saikia, T.C.Dutta and B.R.Boro A note on occurrence of Johne’s disease in a cattle herd. Indian J. Anim. Health.198885-871988
T.C.Dutta, C.C.Kalita and G.N.Dutta Immunomodulatory effect of Levamisole on Antibody production in broiler chicks against Newcastle disease vaccine. Indian J.Comp.Microbiol. Immunol. Infect. Dis. 13(3&4) (3&4) 127-128.1992
T.C.Dutta, C.C.Kalita and G.N.Dutta Effect of Biovet as an immunomodulator in Newcastle disease vaccination.J. Assam Vet. Council.353-54.1993
N.N.Barman, K. Mahanta, T.C.Dutta, N.Kalita and C.C.Kalita Combined aerosol vaccination against Newcastle disease and Fowl pox.Indian Veterinary Journal73(5) (5) 496-500.1996
T.C.Dutta, C.C.Kalita and G.N.DuttaImmunomodulatory effect of Levamisole on cell mediated immune response in broiler chicks vaccinated against Newcastle disease. Indian Journal of Poultry Science34 (3) (3) 384-386.1999
T.C.DuttaUse of Oxytetracycline in treating Black Quarter disease in calves.Indian J. Vet Med. 23(1) (1) 522003
N.N.Barman, P. Roychoury and T.C.Dutta Double Antibody Sandwich ELISA for detection of Infectious Bursal Disease virus. Indian Veterinary Journal80 (12) (12) 1209-1211.2003
R.K.Das, G.Mahato, T.C.Dutta and N.N.Barman Haemato-biochemical changes in piglet diarrhoea associated with E. Coli and rotavirus infection and its therapeutic management. Ind. J. Vet. Med.28 (1)(1)9-12. 2008
S.Bora,G.Mahato, N.N.Barman, D.K.Bhattacharya and T.C.DuttaImmune respose of buffalo calves to vaccination with Brucella abortus strain -19 vaccine. Buffalo Bulletin. 27(3)(3)250-252.2008
Lallawmzuali Ralte, T.C.Dutta and G.Mahato Effects of herbal immunomodulators- Azadirachta indica (Neem) and Stressroak in vaccinated birds against Newcastle disease virus (NDV).Indian J. Vet Med32110-142012
Lallawmzuali Ralte, T.C.Dutta, N.N.Barman , D.Deka and E. Motina Simultaneous vaccination with F strain and inactivated oil adjuvanted R2B vaccines on a single day in broiler birds against Newcastle diseaseIndian J. Poult. Sci48178-812012
Raihan Alam, A. Phukan, T.C.Dutta, D. Kalita, S. Islam and P.R.Dutta Prevalence of Canine Babesiosis in and Around Guwahati CityIndian Vet J9061422013
Raihan Alam, A. Phukan, D. Kalita,T.C.Dutta, S. Islam and P.R.Dutta Ultrasonographic Changes in Canine BabesiosisIndian Vet J. 90919-202013
B.Buragohain, A. Phukan, C.C.Baruah,T.C.Dutta, and P.R.Dutta Prevalence of Coccidiosis in Goats of Greater Kamrup District of Assam Indian Vet J901242-432013
B.Buragohain, A. Phukan, C.C.Baruah,T.C.Dutta, and P.R.Dutta Comparative Efficacy of Certain Medicinal Plants with a Commercial Medicine Against Caprine CoccidiosisIndian Vet J. 901279-802013
P.Thakuria, D.N.Kalita, A.Phukan, T.C.Dutta and R.Neog Clinical Management of Caprine Scabies.Intas Polivet 142288-2892013
Chandana Kalita, T.C.Dutta, A.Phukan, S. Goswami and G.K.Saikia Concurrent Oral and Topical Management of Mycotic Dermatitis- A Report of 18 caninesIntas Polivet 142342-3442013
Saidul Islam, Tolan Chandra Dutta, Joken Bam and Pallabi Pathak First Record of An Auchmeromyia Species.The North-East VeterinarianXIV12014
Chandana Kalita, T.C.Dutta, A.Phukan, S. Goswami and G.K.Saikia Therapeutic Efficacy of Concurrent use of Oral and Topical Anti-Fungals for Management of Canine Mycotic DermatitisIntas Polivet 151168-1702014
D. Barman, B. C. Baishya, D. Sarma, A. Phukan and T. C. Dutta A case Report of Canine Ehrlichia infection in a Labrador dog and its Therapeutic ManagementBangl. J. Vet. Med122237-2392014
Tolan Chandra Dutta;Saidul Islam; Joken Bam and Pallabi Pathak Transboundary Sanguinivorous Myiasis due to an Oriental Auchmeromyia Sps. in a Domesticated Pig Indian Vet. J.921268-692015
Thakuria M; Dutta T. C.; Phukan A.; Islam S.; Saleque A. and Baruah NSeasonal Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Goats in AssamIndian Vet. J.921274-752015
Islam K.; Dutta T. C. ; Phukan A. ; Sarma D.K; Das B.C.; Dutta D.J. and Mili D.CStudies on the Levels of Certain Minerals in Soil, Fodder and Serum of Dairy Animals Intl. J. of Current Research 8125379-253802015
C.C.Barua, J.Sarma, P. Haloi, S. Sen, P. Patowary, D.C.Pathal, T.C.Dutta and I.C.Barua Anti-inflammatory activity of a polyherbal formulation in laboratory animals in acute and sub-acute models Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology1418-122015
S. N. Yadav, D. N. Kalita, A. Phukan, S. Tamuly, T. C. Dutta, G. Mahato, A. Saleque and D. BarmanDiagnosis of Caprine Ketosis using hand held ketone meter. Bangl, J.Vet. Med1420179-1812016


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