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S.B.Barbuddhe, S. Isloor, E. B. Chakurkar, B. K. Swain, D. Barman and M. Rajsekhar Prevalence of Brucella Antibodies in Bulk Milk Samples in Goa Region. J. Vet.Publ.Hlth.1(2)(2)173-1752003
B.K.Swain, R.N.S. Sundaram, S.B.Barbuddhe and Ditul Barman Role of antinutritional factors in feedstuffs of poultry. Poultry Punch. July 2004. 20910-49.2004
Barman, D and Gaikwad. R. V. Evaluation of Glomerular Filtration Rate in Dogs Using Technetium - Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid (99mTc-DTPA)Indian. Vet. J91039420144.33
Ditul Barman, B. Baishya and D. KalitaManagement of Reflux Oesophagitis, Hiatal Hernia and Gastric Ulcer in a Dog.Indian Vet. J91465-6620144.33
Ditul Barman and P.C. SharmaTreatment of Babesiosis in a HorseIndian Vet. J91466-6720144.33
S. N. Yadav , D. N. Kalita, A. Phukan, G. Mahato, S. Tamuly, T. C. Dutta, A. Saleque, D. Barman and P. ThakuriaPrevalence of Sub-Clinical Ketosis of Guwahati, AssamJournal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 1413382-3852015
Barman, D and Gaikwad, R.VEvaluation of kidney status by ultrasonography in canines: An experimental studyResearch in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Bangladesh11105-1082014
Barman, D., Baishya, B. C., Sarma, D., Phukan, A., and Dutta, T. CA case report of canine ehrlichia infection in a Labrador dog and its therapeutic management.. Bangl. J. Vet. Med122237-2392014
S. N. Yadav , D. N. Kalita, A. Phukan, S. Tamuly, T. C. Dutta, G. Mahato, A. Saleque and D. BarmanDiagnosis of caprine ketosis using human hand held ketone meterBangl. J. Vet. Med142179-1812016


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Books, Journals and InternetManual for Clinics ( VCP-411)
Books, Journals and InternetManual for Clinics ( VCM-512)
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