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Tamuly S, Saxena MK, Saxena S, Ambwani T and Lakhchaura BD. Multiple drug resistance and plasmid profiling in Salmonella Galiema, Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Virchow and Salmonella Heidelberg. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences78 (2) (2)156- 158.20080.13
Nagappa K, Tamuly S, Brajmadhuri, Saxena MK, Singh SP. Isolation of Salmonella Typhimurium, from poultry eggs and meat of Tarai region of Uttaranchal. Indian Journal of Biotechnology. 6407-409. 20070.51
Tamuly S, Saxena MK and Lakhchaura BD. Rapid detection of Salmonella using PCR targeting InvA gene.Indian Veterinary Journal85919-920.20080.05
Tamuly S, Saxena MK, Ambwani T and Lakhchaura BD. Molecular characterization of poultry isolates of Salmonella.Indian Veterinary Journal87963-967.20100.05
Tamuly S and Saxena MK.Preparation of calcium phosphate nanoparticles and evaluation of their effects on muscle cells of rat.Current Science102(4)(4)610-612.20110.833
SaxenaA, Tamuly S, SaxenaMK.Epitope mapping and motif analysis of omp 28 gene of Salmonella Typhi. Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine.2(3)(3)26-27.2011
Jha R, Kumar A, Saxena A, Tamuly S, and Saxena MK. Cloning, Sequencing and In Silico Analysis of Omp C of Salmonella Typhimurium. International Scholarly Research Network.doi:10.5402/2012/512848.2012
Saxena A, Tamuly S, Saxena MK.Cloning, sequencing, and in silico characterization of Omp 28 of Salmonella Typhi (strain MTCC 733) to develop r-DNA vaccine for typhoid fever.Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine.3(2)(2)21-27.2012


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Practical manual VPB-121Practical Veterinary Biochemistry manual for 1st Year 1st semester.
Practical manual VPB-122Practical Veterinary Biochemistry manual for 1st Year 2nd semester.
Practical manual VPB-321Practical Animal Biotechnology manual for 1st Year 1st semester.
e-Veterinary learning modulehttp:// for lecture notes and presentations for UG and PG students of Veterinary Biochemistry and Animal Biotechnology.