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Satya Sarmah and L.N Singh Enzymic and immunological properties of buffalo skeletal muscle myosin . J.Vety.Physiol. & Allied Sci.38-12.1984
D.K Sarma, S.Sarmah T.N Upadhyaya ,and P.K. Purkayastha Some aspect of E.coli isolated from diarrhoeic calves. Livestock Advisor1045-47.1985
D.K. Sarma , S. Sarmah, B.R Boro and S.C Handique Some aspect of clinical mastitis in cows. Dairy Guide729-30.1985
J. Saikia ,S. Sarmah ,S.C Pathak Certain biochemical component of cerebrospinal fluid in goat (Capra hircus) affected by Coenurus-cerebralis. Vetcol531985
S.Sarmah and T. MoreSubcellular distribution of certain enzymes in Bos bubalis granulocytes (PMN cells).J. Vety.Physiol. & Allied Sci.1033-371991
S.Sarmah ,G.R.Reddy and T.More Cationic antibiotic granular peptides of buffalo polymorphonuclear cells.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences53 (6) (6) 618 -6221993
S.Sarmah and L.N.Singh Effect of thiourea on plasma protein constituents in rats.J. Vety Physiol. & Allied Sci. 12(1)(1)28-30.1993
S.Sarmah and T. More Evidenced of Homology of buffalo and goat granular cationic peptides. Comp. Immun. Microbiol. Infect. Dis.16(2) (2) 173-178.1993
S.Sarmah and A . ChakrabortyA quantitative study of electrophoretic pattern of serum proteins in some ruminants. Lakhimpur Vetcol. V3-41993
J.D. Mahanta, D.J.Dutta, H.A.Rahman and S.Sarmah Certain biochemical characteristics of blood serum of indigenous and Khaki Campbell ducks.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences64(3)(3)283-284.1994
Satya Sarmah and L.N Singh Electrophoretic pattern and molecular weight of buffalo myosin and its sub-units. Indian Veterinary Journal71 256-259 . 1994
S. Sarmah and T. More Extra cellular release of antibacterial protein and peptide by buffalo polymorphonuclear cells in presence of Escherichia coli .Indian Veterinary Journal72 1256-1268 1995
S. Sarmah and H. Rahman Comparative biological profile of serum of mithun (Bos gaurs frontalis ) and local cattle of Assam .The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences65 (5) (5) 533-535 1995
S .Sarmah , H.Rahman , and J.D MahantaComparative electrophoretic pattern of serum proteins of indigenous (pati) and (khaki) Campbell ducks of Assam .Indian Veterinary Journal72 759-761 .1995
S. Sarmah and T. More Some biological responses of PMN cells to various stimuli. Comp. Immuno Microbiol. Infect. Dis. 19 (1) (1) 47-53.1996
A. Dutta , S. Sarmah and N.K Rajkhowa Haematological and biochemical studies in sheep of Assam.Indian Veterinary Journal72 402-405 1996
S. Sarmah , D. J. Dutta , P . Bordoloi and B.C.SarmahElectrophoretic pattern of follicular fluid and serum of Assam goat.Indian Veterinary Journal75 (11) (11) 985-986 .1998
D .Sapkota and S. Sarmah Comparative electrophoretic pattern of serum proteins of indigenous (Daothaigir) chicken of Assam . Indian Veterinary Journal76 265-266 .1999
S .Sarmah and D. KalitaElectrophoretic study of serum and cyst fluid from cases of gid in goats (Capra hircus ) .Indian Veterinary Journal76 696-6981999
S. Sarmah and T.More Electrophoretic characterization of cationic proteins and peptides of buffalo granulocytes .The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences69 (3)(3)153-156 .1999
J. Devi , S. Sarmah , J. Goswami and K.K Bania Calcium and inorganic phosphorus concentration in blood and milk of pregnant goat.J. Assam Sci. Soc. 40 (4)(4)108-142. 1999
Satya Sarmah, Jonali Devi and Jeetendra Goswami Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic pattern of serum and milk protein in pregnant and non pregnant cows. Indian Veterinary Journal78 209-211 . 2001
J. Devi , J. Goswami and S.Sarmah Triiodothyronine (T3 ) and thyroxine (T4) level in serum and milk of pregnant goat .Intas Polivet I (11) (11) 315-316 .2000
P. Kalita , R. Bhuya n, P. Chakravorty and S. Sarmah Influence of dietary protein and energy levels on certain blood constituents of blood in rabbits.Indian Veterinary Journal78 893-895 .2001
M.K. Dev Sarma, D.K. Deka, H. Rahman, S. Sarmah and M.R. Borkakoty Purification and partial characterization of cystic stages of Echinococcus granulosus and Taenia hydatigena.J. Vet. Parasitol 16 (1) (1) 63-64.2002
T. Hazarika, G.C. Hazarika, Satya Sarmah and A. Phukan Therapeutic studieson induced urea poisoning in goats. Indian Veterinary Journal79 909-911.2002
M. Sarmah, D. Sapcota, S. Sarmah, and A.K. Gohain Herbal growth promoterson haematobiochemical constituents in broilers. Indian Veterinary Journal80 946-948.2003
J. Devi, S. Sarmah, J. Goswami and A.K. Nazki Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic pattern of serum and milk protein in pregnant and non pregnant goat.Indian Veterinary Journal80 122-126.2003
C. Vanlalnogehta, J .Goswami, P. Chakravarty and S. Sarmah Serum alkalinephosphatase activity in pregnant cows. Indian Veterinary Journal80 212-215.2003
A.K. Saikia, K.K. Baruah, B.N. Neog and S. Sarmah Effect of energy levels with or without enzyme supplementation on growth of crossbred pigs.Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition21(1) (1) 1-4.2004
H.Rahman, P. Roychaudhury, Monalisa Saikia and S. Sarmah Prevalence of Salmonella in enteric infection in man and animals. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences74 (9) (9) 936-937.2004
.I.U. Sheikh, D. Sapcota, K.K. Dutta and S. Sarmah Effect of dietary silk wormpupae meal on the carcass characteristics of broilers. Indian Veterinary Journal82 752-755.2005
Ashim Kr. Saikia, K.K Baruah, B.N. Neog and S. Sarmah Economics of growth production of crossbred pigs fed with or without Anizyme supplementation. Indian Veterinary Journal83 218-219.2006
A.K. Saikia, K.K. Baruah, S. Sarmah and B.N. Neog Blood biochemicals in crossbred pigs on different rations. Indian Veterinary Journal83 220-2212006
I.U. Sheikh , D. Sapcota, and S. Sarmah Effect of dietary Muga silkworm pupae meal on the blood biochemistry in broilers. Indian Veterinary Journal83 336-337.2006
P.J.Nath, A.K.Barman and S.Sarmah Short-wave diathermy for neuromusculoskeletal disorders in dog. Indian Veterinary Journal84 741.2007
Rajkhowa,S.,Hazarika, G.C. and Sarmah,SEffect of different iron preparation on bodyweight gain of anemic piglets and iron deficient anemic calves .The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences781111-113.2008
P.J.Nath, A.K.Barman and S.Sarmah Short-wave diathermy in arthritis in calves.Indian Veterinary Journal86 94-95.2009
K.C. Barman, A.K. Das and S. Sarma Effect of feeding Melia mazadarach leaves on blood constituents in cross bred goats. Indian Veterinary Journal86 284-285.2009
K.K. Bonia and S, Sarmah A comparative study on polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic pattern of serum protein fractions during normal and sub-oestrous cycle of crossbred cattle of Asom. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences80(7)(7)653-655. 2010
D.P.Bora, N.N. Barman, D.K.Bhattacharya, S. Sarma and L.J. DuttaComparative efficacy of sandwich-ELISA and SDS-PAGE in detection of rotaviruses in faeces of piglets.Indian Veterinary Journal87641-643.2010
Dipak Sinha. Bhukya Prakash.B.N.Neog.K.K.Baruah.S.Sarmah and Chandan RajkhowaIntake, digestibility and nitrogen balance in Mithun (Bos frontalis) offered urea-treated paddy straw based feed blocks.Trop.Animal Health Production(Springer) Published online2010
N. Kalita, N. Barua, S. Sarmah, R. Islam and N. Pathak. Blood Biochemical Profile in Indigenous chicken of Assam. Indian Veterinary Journal1259-612011
Dutta.J.,Sarma,S., Bonia,K.K., Goswmi,J.,Sahoo,N.R. and adyal,N.Electrophoretic pattern of serum protein fractions in anoestrus crossbreed cows; Role of vitamin E and selenium.Veterinary Practitioner12(1)(1)44-47.2011
S. Sarma Clinical Physiology and Animal health with special reference to biochemical disorder.Scietific Resources SAPIKOL, Kolkata161-1672011
J.Dutta, S.Sarma,K.K. Bonia,J. Goswami,N.R. Sahoo and N. Badyal Effect of antioxidants on the serum progesterone level in anoestrus crossbred cows.Indian Veterinary Journal89(6)(6)110-111.2012
D Hazarika, S Sarma, P Chakravarty, D J Kalita, J Goswami And B C ekaTestosterone in yak (Poephagus grunniens L.) bull seminal plasma and its correlation with physical characteristics of semen.Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (7)(7)713–7142012
R. Gogoi, D. C. Roy, M. Gogoi, S. Sarma and A. Saleque. Status of xytetracycline (OTC) and Tetracycline (TC) Residues in Muscle of Pigs in Guwahati City of Assam. Indian Veterinary Journal89(8)(8)140-1412012


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