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Das, Sutopa & Sharma, K.Application of ELISA to detect avian viral pathogens and their antibodiesPoultry Punch12197-1011995
Das, S.; Barman, N.N.; Gohain, A.; Sharma, K. and Sarma, D.K.IBDV infection inducing immunosupression in NDV vaccinated broiler chickenThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences668753-7541996
Das, Sutopa; Sharma, K.; Sarma, D.K. and Kalita, N.Correlation of HI and ELISA tests for detection of New Castle Disease Virus antibodiesThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences674286 – 2871997
Sarmah,R.; Sarmah,A.K.; Sarma,P.C. & Sharma,K.Physicochemical characterization of a local isolate of Duck Plague Virus.Indian J. Virol132119-1201997
Misra,S,; Barman, N.N.; Sharma, K.; Sarmah, A.K. and Bhattacharya, MPost-natal development of gut associated lymphoid tissue in pigs. Presented in Annual Technical Session, Dec 20, 19971997
Das, S.; Sharma, K.; Sarma, D.K. and Barman, N.N.Application of ELISA in detection of avian viral antibodies. Paper presented in 5th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium. Nov. 8-13, 1998, held at PAU, Ludhiana1998
Sharma, K.; Sarma, A.K.; Dutta, P.K.; and Das, SutopaLeucocyte migration, Inhibition and Interference phenomenon in Ducklings vaccinated against Duck Plague. Indian J Virology159169-711999
Misra, S; Barman, N.N.: Sharma, K. & Sarmah, A.K.Postnatal development of Peyer’s Patches in Small Intestine of Pigs.A.Histopathological Studies.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences6911891-8931999
Rahman, H.; Sharma,K.Efficacy of Mastilep as Supportive Therapy for Clinical Mastitis in Cows. Indian Veterinary Journal7750-522000
Misra,S.;Barman, N.N.; Sharma, K. & Sharma, A.K.Development and Distribution of Lymphocyte Subsets in Jejunal and Ileal Peyer’s patches of Pigs.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences717683-6852001
Mahato, G.; Datta, G.N. & Sharma, K.Effects of Brucella abortus Strain -19 vaccine on Cow and adult heifers on a dairy farm.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences71121140-11412001
Mahato, G.& Sharma,K.Therapeutic evaluation of Longacting Oxytetracycline and streptomycin in Bovine Brucellosis.Ind.Vet.Med.2221272002
Barman,B.; Sarma, D.K.;Sharma, K. & Barman, N.N.Antibody response of pigs vaccinated with FMD and Swine fever vaccines.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences745492-4952004
Mahato,G; Sharma,K & Mahanta,P.N. Comparative evaluation of serological tests for detection of Brucellosis in bovine.Ind.J.Vet.Med.241462004
Barman, B.; Sarma, D.K. and Sharma, K.Effect of Simultaneous Vaccination of pigs with Foot and Mouth Disease and swine Fever Vaccines on Antibody Response Against Swine Fever Virus.Ind.J. Comp.Microbiol.Infect. Dis.262117-1182006
Das, S.; Sharma, K.; Sarma, D.K. and Barman , N.N.Foot and Mouth Disease outbreaks in vaccinated and unvaccinated animals in Assam during 1996-2005.Indian Journal of Virology171562006
K. Sharma & S. Das.Rabies vaccines for man: A history and updateSouvenir short term training on Bird Flu, Deptt. of AH & Vety, Arunachal Pradesh.2007
Das, S.; Sharma,K and Sarma, D.K.Evaluation of protective antibody titre of Yak and Mithun after FMD vaccination. Abstract published Compendium of “Advances in Zoo and Wild Animals Health and Management and Symposium of Impact of Diseases on Conservation of Wild Animals” held on 26th -27th April/2007 at Sher-e-Kashmir, University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology,Jammu2007
Das, Sutopa, Sharma, K. and Sarma, D.K.Immune response of cattle immunized simultaneously with Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucella vaccines.Abstract published in the compendium of the 19th All India National Zoology Congress and National Seminar on Biodiversity and Human Welfare2008
Sharma, K., Das, Sutopa and Sarma, D. K.Immune response to simultaneous vaccination with FMD and Rabies vaccines in cattle.Abstract published in the compendium of the 19th All India National Zoology Congress and National Seminar on Biodiversity and Human Welfare2008
Das, Sutopa, Sharma, K and Sarma, D.K.Foot and mouth disease outbreaks in North East India from April 2000 to March 2007.Published in the proceedings of 53rd Annual Technical Session of Assam Science society9163-1702008
Sharma, K and Das, SutopaTransmission of Avian Influenza.The Rhino42-472008
Bandyopadhyay, Samiran; Sharma, Krishna; Das, Sutopa; Biswas,Tapash K.,; Ghosh, Manoj K. and Bora, Manjit.Serum antibody response in yaks (Poephagus grunniens) following trivalent oil adjuvant FMD vaccination.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences79121218-12192009
Deka, Debajani; Das, Sutopa; Bayan, H.; Sharma, K.; Mukherjee, S.N. and Goswami, Ranjana.Epidemiology of Foot and Mouth Disease in cattle.The Indian Veterinary Journal89414-162012
Sutopa Das, Arun Prasad, Subhash Medhi, Sujoy Bose, R. Debalaxmi, Moumita Bose, Manashree Sarma, Bharati Barua, Mohammed Ghaznavi Idris, Krishna Sharma and Manab Deka.The Expression of TLR3 in FMD infected cattle correlated to disease severityAbstract published in the compendium of 56th Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society2012
Sutopa Das, Arun Prasad, Subhash Medhi, Sujoy Bose, Krishna Sharma and Manab Deka.Expression And SNP Analysis Of Bovine TLR3 Gene In FMD Infected Cattle.Abstract published in the compendium of “International Seminar on Future of Livestock Health: A Paradigm change to maximise productivity for economic gains and XXVI Annual convention of IAVMI”2012
Mahanta, P.,Sharma, K., Das, S. And Rajbongshi, G.Immune response of cattle vaccinated with FMD and Rabies vaccines.Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology1712013
Chakraborty, A. ; J.C.Kalita & K.Sharma.Evaluation of certain Effects of Solanum khasianum. laboratory mice (Swiss Albino mice).International Conference on “Mountain Environment and Natural Hazards Management”. Institute of Indian Geographers. Department of Geography, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India. 27-19 March,20032003
Chakraborty, A ; J.C. Kalita & K. Sharma.& T.N.UpadhayayaEvaluation of Certain Effects of Mimosa pudica.Linn in Laboratory mice (Swiss Albino mice).National Seminar on Radiation and Biomolecular Techniques in Animal Scence and Human Health. Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistyry, faculty of veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University. Guwahati-22.Assam.10-12 March,20042004
Chakraborty,A ; J.C.Kalita ; G.C.Sarma & K. Sharma Ethnomedicinal Information on Indigenous Plants from Assam for Family Planning and Birth Control.International Sympsosium on “Recent trends in Plant Ecology and Biodiversity Research” Department of Botany, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India. 20-22 March,20042004
Chakraborty, A. ; J.C.Kalita ; K. Sharma & T.N. UpadhyayaEvaluation of Antifertility Activity of Mimosa pudica.Linn in Laboratory mice (Swiss Albino mice).National Seminar on Medicinal plants in North Eastern Region. Govt. Ayurvedic College. Guwahati-14. Assam.07-10th October’2004.2004
Saikia, G.K.; Boro, B.R.; Hazarika, A.K.; Sharma, K.Salmonellosis in a duck farm.Poultry guideXXIV351-521986
Singh, N.; Singh, G.; Sharma, K.; Singh, S.P.; Kwatra, N.S.Prevalence of Ranikhet (Newcastle) disease in Broilers and Layers.J. Res. Panjab Agril. Univ.241121-1261987
Mahanta, P.; Kalita, C.C.; Sharma, K. and Dutta, G.N. Experimental celebacillosis in piglets. Treatment and histopathological study.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences54101145-11491988
Barman, N.N.; Sharma, K.; Boro, B.R.Strain Vaccination in Newcastle disease virus outbreak.Ind. J. comp. Microbiol. Immunol. Infect.10146-471989
Barman, N.N.; Sharma, K.; Rahman, F.; Hazarikia, A.K.; Boro, B.R.Naemagglutinating activity of R2B vaccine strain of Newcastle Disease virus. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences595489-4901989
Sharma, R.K.; Boro, B.R.; Sharma, K. & Borah, P.Serotyping of Pasteurella multocida associated with caprine pneumonia.Ind. J. of Anim. Hlth.28181-821989
Sharma, R.; Sharma, K.; Hazarika, A.K. & Boro, R.R.Potentially of producing incomplete Newcastle disease virus after heat treatment.Ind. J. of Anim. Hlth.302147-1501991
Singh, G.; Singh, N. and Sharma, K.Serological response in poultry birds repeat vaccinated against Newcastle Disease. Ind. J. of Anim. Hlth.302151-1541991
Sarma, P.C.; Sarmah, A.K.; Sharma, K. and Boro, B.R.Immune response of ducklings to attenuated Duck plagueInd. J. Virol.72148-1511991
Sarma, P.C.; Sarmah, A.K.; Sharma, K. and Boro, B.R.Enumeration of peripheral Blood Lymphocyes in ducklings vaccinated against Duck plague virus.Ind. J. virol.72152-1561991
Rahman, H.; Pathak, D.; Sharma, K. & Boro, B.R.Investiveness of Staphylococcus in Mammary gland of Mouse. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences62121144-11461992
Bordoloi, G.K.; Boro, B.R.; Mukit, A.; Sharma, K. and Dutta, G.N.Adaptation and Attenuation of Duck Plague virus for vaccine production.Indian Veterinary Journal71639-6441994
Sarmah, A.K.; Sarmah, R.; Sharma, K.; Hazarika, A.K. and Boro, B.R.Distribution of Lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood of sheep.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences64111175-11761994
Sarma, P.C.; Sarmah, R. & Sarmah, K.Duck plague and its serological diagnosis.Assam. Veterina.614-151994


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978-3-639-31233-1Uses of Antifertility Plants and Herbs by Indigenous People of Assam.Alaka ChakravortyVDM Verlag Dr. Muller GMbH & Co.


Resources Developed:

Resource Name URL Function / Use
A chapter in compendium on the topic “Foot and Mouth Disease and its control”State Level Training Programme For Veterinarians (Under ASCAD)
A chapter in compendium on the topic “Swine Flu”State Level Training Programme For Veterinarians (Under ASCAD)
A chapter in compendium on the topic “Laboratory procedures for detection of Avian Influenza A(H5N1) virus”State Level Training Programme For Veterinarians (Under ASCAD)
A chapter in compendium of the training manual on the topic “ELISA based techniques in diagnostics MicrobiologyShort term training programme on “Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics tools and their Application in Biological Research”
A chapter in compendium of the training manual on the topic “Liquid Phase Blocking ELISA”Short term hands on training on “Molecular Techniques and Bioinformatics tools in biological Research”