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Das RK, Babu PJ, Gogoi N, Sharma P, Bora UMicrowave mediated rapid synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Calotropis procera latex and study of optical properties. ISRN Nanomaterials162012
Kumar A and Bora UMolecular docking studies on inhibition of Stat3 dimerization by curcumin natural derivatives and its conjugates with amino acidsBioinformation 820988-9932012
Babu PJ, Sharma P, Sibyala S, Tamuli R, Bora UPiper betle-mediated green synthesis of biocompatible gold nanoparticlesInternational Nano Letters218-272012
Babu PJ, Sibyala S, Sharma P, Tamuli R, Bora UGold nanoparticles: sonocatalytic synthesis using ethanolic extract of Andrographis aniculata and functionalization with polycaprolactone gelatin compositesFront. Mater. Sci. 63236-2492012
Sett A, Das S, Sharma P, Bora U.Aptasensors in Health, Environment and Food Safety MonitoringOpen Journal of Applied Biosensor19-192012
SS Ali, N Kasoju, A Luthra, A Singh, H Sharanabasava, A Sahu, U BoraIndian medicinal herbs as sources of antioxidantsFood Research International 41 (1), 1-154111-152008
RK Das, N Kasoju, U BoraEncapsulation of curcumin in alginate-chitosan-pluronic composite nanoparticles for delivery to cancer cells Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine61153-1602010
A Sahu, N Kasoju, U BoraFluorescence study of the curcumin− casein micelle complexation and its application as a drug nanocarrier to cancer cells Biomacromolecules9102905-29122008
A Sahu, U Bora, N Kasoju, P GoswamiSynthesis of novel biodegradable and self-assembling methoxy poly (ethylene glycol)–palmitate nanocarrier for curcumin delivery to cancer cellsActa Biomaterialia461752-17612008
AP Saikia, VK Ryakala, P Sharma, P Goswami, U BoraEthnobotany of medicinal plants used by Assamese people for various skin ailments and cosmeticsJournal of Ethnopharmacology1062149-1572006
U Bora, L Chugh, P NaharCovalent immobilization of proteins onto photoactivated polystyrene microtiter plates for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay procedures Journal of immunological methods2682171-177
A Sahu, N Kasoju, P Goswami, U BoraEncapsulation of curcumin in Pluronic block copolymer micelles for drug delivery applications Journal of biomaterials applications256619-6392011


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