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Punetha A, Sivathanu R, Anand B Active Site Plasticity Enables Metal Dependent Tuning of Cas5d Nuclease Activity in CRISPR-Cas Type I-C System Nucleic Acids Res.423846-385620148.808
Gulati M, Jain N, Anand B, Prakash B, Britton RAMutational analysis of the ribosome assembly GTPase RbgA provides insight into ribosome interaction and ribosome-stimulated GTPase activation. Nucleic Acids Res.413217-322720138.808
Anand B, Majumdar S, Prakash BThe Structural Basis Unifying Diverse GTP Hydrolysis Mechanisms. Biochemistry521122-113020133.194
Anand B, Surana P, Prakash BDeciphering the Catalytic Machinery in 30S Ribosome Assembly GTPase YqeH. PLoS ONE54e99442010
Anand B, Surana P, Bhogaraju S, Pahari S, Prakash BCircularly permuted GTPase YqeH binds 30S ribosomal subunit: Implications for its role in ribosome assembly. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.386602-6062009
Anand B, Verma SK, Prakash BStructural stabilization of GTP-binding domains in circularly permuted GTPases: Implications for RNA binding. Nucleic Acids Res.342196-22052006
Anand B, Gowri VS, Srinivasan NUse of multiple profiles corresponding to a sequence alignment enables effective detection of remote homologues. Bioinformatics212821-28262005
Anand B, Seema N, Sandhya S, Srinivasan NInfluence of protein structural similarities in adding value to genome data. Indian Journal of Biotechnology3486-4942004
Pandit, SB, Bhadra R, Gowri VS , Balaji S, Anand B, Srinivasan NSUPFAM web resources of sequence superfamilies of protein domains. BMC Bioinformatics5282004
Pandit SB, Bhadra R, Gowri VS, Balaji S, Anand B , Srinivasan NSUPFAM (release 1.4). Nucl. Acids Res.
Gowri VS, Pandit SB, Anand B, Srinivasan N, Balaji SPALI release 2.2: A database of aligned homologous protein structures and phylogenetic trees integrated to related sequences. Nucl. Acids. Res.


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