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Chaudhary N and Nagaraj RImpact on the replacement of Phe by Trp in a short fragment of A(beta) amyloid peptide on the formation of fibrils.J. Pept. Sci.17115-232011
Chaudhary N, Singh S, and Nagaraj RMorphology of self-assembled structures formed by short peptides from the amyloidogenic protein tau depends on the solvent in which the peptides are dissolved. J. Pept. Sci.15675-6842009
Chaudhary N and Nagaraj RHen lysozyme amyloid fibrils induce aggregation of erythrocytes and lipid vesicles.Mol. Cell. Biochem.328209-2152009
Chaudhary N, Singh S, and Nagaraj ROrganic solvent mediated self-association of an amyloid forming peptide from beta(2)-microglobulin: An atomic force microscopy study.Biopolymers90783-7912008


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