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Ankana Kakoti, Mohd Farhan Siddiqui and Pranab GoswamiLow cost design and fabrication method for developing a leak proof paper based microfluidic device with customized test zoneBiomicrofluidics91-112015
Seraj Ahmad and Pranab GoswamiApplication of chitosan beads immobilized Rhodococcus sp. NCIM 2891 cholesterol oxidase for cholestenone production. Process Biochemistry492149-21572014
Mallesh Santhosh, Somasekhar R. Chinnadayyala, Ankana Kakoti, Pranab GoswamiSelective and sensitive detection of free bilirubin in blood serum using human serum albumin stabilized gold nanoclusters as fluorometric and colorimetric probeBiosensors and Bioelectronics59370-3762014
Mitun Chakraborty, Manish Goel, Somasekhar R. Chinnadayyala, Ujjwal Ranjan Dahiya, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh and Pranab GoswamiMolecular characterization and expression of a novel alcohol oxidase from Aspergillus terreus MTCC6324PLOS ONE942014
Sushovan Chatterjee,Dipti Yadav,Lepakshi Barbora, Pinakeswar Mahanta, and Pranab GoswamiSilk-Cocoon Matrix Immobilized Lipase Catalyzed Transesterification of Sunflower Oil for Production of BiodieselJournal of Catalysts2014
Madhuri Das, Lepakshi Barbora, Priyanki Das, Pranab Goswami* Biofuel cell for generating power from methanol substrate using alcohol oxidase bioanode and air-breathed laccase biocathode Biosensors and Bioelectronics59184-1912014
Somasekhar R. Chinnadayyala, Ankana Kakoti, Mallesh Santhosh, Pranab GoswamiA novel amperometric alcohol biosensor developed in a 3rd generation bioelectrode platform using peroxidase coupled ferrocene activated alcohol oxidase as biorecognition system. Biosensors and Bioelectronics55120-1262014
Priyanki Das, Lepakshi Barbora, Madhuri Das, Pranab GoswamiHighly sensitive and stable laccase based amperometric biosensor developed on nano-composite matrix for detecting pyrocatechol in environmental samples. Sensors & Actuators B. Chemical192737-7442014
Pranab Goswami*, Soma Sekhar R. Chinnadayyala, Mitun Chakraborty, Adepu Kiran Kumar and Ankana Kakoti, An overview on Alcohol Oxidases and their Potential Applications Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology974259-42752013
Ankana Kakoti and Pranab GoswamiHeart type fatty acid binding protein: structure, function and biosensing applications for early detection of myocardial infarction.Biosensors and Bioelectronics43400-4112013
Soma Sekhar R. Chinnadayyala, M. Santhosh, Pranab GoswamiMicrowave based reversible unfolding and refolding of alcohol oxidase protein probed by fluorescence and circular dichroism spectroscopyJournal of Biophysical Chemistry3317-3232012
Madhuri Das and Pranab GoswamiDirect electrochemistry of alcohol oxidase using multiwalled carbon nanotube as electroactive matrix for biosensor application.Bioelectrochemistry8919-252013
Seraj Ahmad and Pranab GoswamiEnhanced production of cell-bound cholesterol oxidase from Rhodococcus sp. NCIM 2891 by the statistical method.Annals of Microbiology63199-2052013
Ankana Kakoti, Adepu Kiran Kumar and Pranab GoswamiMicrosome-bound alcohol oxidase catalyzed production of carbonyl compounds from alcohol substrates.Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic.7898-1042012
Urmila Saxena, Pranab GoswamiElectrical and optical properties of gold nanoparticles: Applications in gold nanoparticles-cholesterol oxidase integrated systems for cholesterol sensing,Journal of Nanoparticle Research148132012
Preety Vatsyayan, Mitun Chakraborty, Sandip Bordoloi, and Pranab GoswamiElectrochemical investigations of fungal cytochrome P450.Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry662312-3162011
Urmila Saxena, Mitun Chakraborty, Pranab GoswamiCovalent immobilization of cholesterol oxidase on self-assembled gold nanoparticles for highly sensitive amperometric detection of cholesterol in real samples.Biosensors and Bioelectronics263037-30432011
Preety Vatsyayan and Pranab GoswamiAcidic pH conditions induce dissociation of the haem from the protein and destabilise the catalase isolated from Aspergillus terreus MTCC 6324,Biotechnology Letters33347-3512011
Preety Vatsyayan, Sandip Bordoloi, Pranab GoswamiLarge catalase based bioelectrode for biosensor applicationBiophysical Chemistry15336-422010
Urmila Saxena, Madhuri Das, Seraj Ahmed, Lepakshi Barbora, Mala Borthakur, Anil Verma, Utpal Bora and Pranab GoswamiMultiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Based Enzyme Electrode for Total Cholesterol Estimation in Human Serum,Journal of Experimental Nanoscience6184-952011
Abhishek Sahu, Naresh Kasoju, Pranab Goswami, and Utpal BoraEncapsulation of Curcumin in Pluronic Block Copolymer Micelles for Drug Delivery Applications.Journal of Biomaterials Applications25619-6392011
Adepu Kiran Kumar, Preety Vatsyayan and  Pranab GoswamiProduction of Lipid and Fatty Acids during Growth of Aspergillus terreus on Hydrocarbon Substrates. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology1601293-13002010
A Kiran Kumar and Pranab GoswamiDissociation and reconstitution studies of a broad substrate specific multimeric alcohol oxidase protein produced by A. terreusJournal of Biochemistry145259-2652009
Anil Kumar Sarma, Preety Vatsyayan, Pranab Goswami, Shelley D. MinteerRecent Advances in Material Sciences for Developing Enzyme Electrodes. Biosensors and Bioelectronics242313-23222009
Abhishek Sahu, Pranab Goswami and Utpal BoraMicrowave mediated rapid synthesis of chitosanJournal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine20171-1752009
Sushovan Chatterjee, Lepakshi Barbora, Swaranjit Singh, Cameotra, Pinakeswar Mahanta, Pranab GoswamiSilk-fiber immobilized lipase-catalyzed   hydrolysis of emulsified sunflower oil Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology157593-6002008
A Kiran Kumar and Pranab GoswamiPurification and properties of a novel broad substrate specific alcohol oxidase from A.  terreus MTCC 6324.Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins & Proteomics1784111552-15592008
Abhishek Sahu, Utpal Bora*, Naresh Kasoju, Goswami PranabSynthesis of novel biodegradable and self-assembling methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)palmitate nanocarrier for curcumin delivery to cancer cells.Acta Biomaterialia461752-17612008
Anil Kumar Sarma, Jayanta Kumar Sarmah, Lepakshi Barbora, Pankaj Kalita, Sushovan Chatterjee, Pinakeswar Mahanta and Pranab Goswami*.Recent Inventions in Biodiesel Production and Processing- A ReviewRecent Patents on Engineering247-582008
Preety Vatsyayan , A Kiran Kumar, Papori Goswami, Pranab GoswamiBroad substrate Cytochrome-P450-monooxygenase activity in the cells of Aspergillus terreus MTCC 6324.Bioresource technology9968-752008
Utpal Bora*, Abhisek Sahu, Abinash Pratim Saikia, Venkat Kishore Ryakala, and Pranab Goswami.Medicinal plants used by the people of Northeast India for curing malaria. Phytotherapy research21800-8042007
Abinash Pratim Saikia, Venkat Kishore Ryakala, Pragya Sharma, Pranab Goswami and Utpal BoraEthnobotany of medicinal plants used by Assamese people for various skin ailments and cosmetics.Journal of Ethnopharmacology106149-1572006
Kumar A. Kiran. Goswami PranabFunctional characterization of alcohol oxidase from Aspergillus terreus MTCC 6324 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology72906-9112006
S. Hazarika, Pranab Goswami and N. N. DuttaLipase catalyzed transesterification of 2-O-benzylglycerol with vinyl acetate: Solvent effectChemical Engineering Journal941-102003
Gogoi B. K., Dutta N. N., Goswami Pranab. and Krishna Mohan T. RA case study of bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil at a crude oil spill siteAdvances in Environmental Research7767-7822003
Hazarika S., Goswami Pranab., Dutta N. N*. and Hazarika A. KEthyl oleate synthesis by porcine pancreatic lipase in organic solventsChemical Engineering Journal8561-682002
Kanwar L. and Goswami Pranab,Isolation of a Pseudomonas lipase produced in pure hydrocarbon substrate and its application in the synthesis of isoamyl acetate using membrane immobilized lipase,  Enzyme and Microbial Technology31727-7352002
Kanwar L., Hazarika S., Goswami A., Dutta N. N., Hazarika A. K. and Goswami PranabNovel lipase isolated from a Pseudomonas strain and its application in the synthesis of S(+)-2-O-benzylglycerol-1-acetate,Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology77898-9022002
Kanwar L., Gogoi B. K. and Goswami PranabProduction of a Pseudomonas lipase in n-alkane substrate and its isolation using an improved ammonium precipitation techniqueBioresource Technology84207-2112002
R. C. Rajkhowa*, Pranab Goswami and H. D. SinghMode of uptake of sterol by Arthrobacter simplex.World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology1663-682000
Pranab Goswami and J. J. CooneySub-cellular location of enzymes involved in oxidation of n-alkane by Cladosporium resinae ATCC 22771.Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology51860 - 8641999
Pranab GoswamiEffect of hydrocarbon on lipid, fatty acid composition and cell properties of  Burkholderia cepacia N1.Indian Journal of Microbiology3728-311997
Pranab Goswami*, T. Medhi  and R. KandaliDevelopment of surface and adherence activity  in Micrococcus luteus cell grown on hydrocarbons. Indian Journal of Microbiology3685-881996
Pranab Goswami*, A.K. Hazarika, and H.D. SinghHydrocarbon emulsifying and pseudo-solubilizing protein produced by Pseudomonas cepacia N1. Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering7728-311994
Pranab Goswami and H. D. SinghDifferent modes of hydrocarbon uptake by two Pseudomonas species. Biotechnology and Bioengineering371-111991
Priyamvada Jain, Babina Chakma, Naveen K. Singh, Sanjukta Patra, Pranab GoswamiMetal-DNA interactions improve signal in high resolution melting of DNA for species differentiation of Plasmodium parasiteMolecular Biotechnology2017
Sharbani Kaushik, Mrinal K Sarma, Pranab GoswamiFRET guided surging of cyanobacterial photosystems improves and stabilizes current in photosynthetic microbial fuel cellJournal of Materials Chemistry A2017
Priyamvada Jain, Babina Chakma, Sanjukta Patra, Pranab GoswamiHairpin stabilized fluorescent silver nanoclusters for quantitative detection of NAD+ and monitoring NAD+/NADH based enzymatic reactionsAnalytica Chimica Acta48-562017
Babina Chakma, Priyamvada Jain, Naveen K. Singh and Pranab GoswamiDevelopment of an indicator displacement based detection of malaria targeting HRP-II as biomarker for application in point-of-care settings Analytical Chemistry2016
Ankana Kakoti and Pranab Goswami Multifaceted analyses of the interactions between human heart type fatty acid binding protein and its specific aptamersBBA General Subject3289–32992017


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