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Pal U, Dai J, Li X, Neelakanta G, Luo P, Kumar M, Wang P, Yang X, Anderson JF, Fikrig E.A differential role for BB0365 in the persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in mice and ticksJ Infect Dis.1971148-1552008
Coleman AS, Yang X, Kumar M, Zhang X, Promnares K, Shroder D, Kenedy MR, Anderson JF, Akins DR, Pal UBorrelia burgdorferi complement regulator-acquiring surface protein 2 does not contribute to complement resistance or host infectivityPLoS ONE382008
Zhang X, Yang X, Kumar M, Pal U. BB0323 function is essential for Borrelia burgdorferi virulence and persistence through tick-rodent transmission cycle.J Infect Dis.20081318-13302009
Promnares K, Kumar M, Shroder DY, Zhang X, Anderson JF, Pal U.Borrelia burgdorferi small lipoprotein Lp6.6 is a member of multiple protein complexes in the outer membrane and facilitates pathogen transmission from ticks to miceMol Microbiol.741112-1252009
Ouyang Z, Kumar M, Kariu Toru, Haq S, Goldberg M, Pal U, Norgard M V.BosR (BB0647) governs virulence expression in Borrelia burgdorferiMol Microbiol. 7461331-13432009
Kumar M, Yang X, Coleman AS, Pal U. BBA52 facilitates Borrelia burgdorferi transmission from feeding ticks to murine hostsJ Infect Dis20171084-10952010
Xiao S*, Kumar M*, Yang X, Akkoyunlu M,Collins PL, Samal SK, Pal U.An efficient avian host-restricted viral vector for antigen-specific host immunization against Lyme disease pathogensVaccine29325294-53032011
Kumar M, Kaur S, Kariu T, Yang X, Bossis I, Anderson JF, Pal U.Borrelia burgdorferi BBA52 is a potential target for transmission blocking Lyme disease vaccines Vaccine292011
Kumar M, Bhilegaonkar KN, Agarwal RK. Prevalence and characterization of rotavirus from faecal samples of children and animalsThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences8110993-9992011
Ouyang Z, Narasimhan S, Neelakanta G, Kumar M, Pal U, Fikrig E, Norgard MV.Activation of the RpoN-RpoS regulatory pathway during the enzootic life cycle of Borrelia burgdorferiBMC Microbiology44121471-21802012
Kumar, Manish; Bhilagaonkar, K.N. and Kumar PankajEpidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis in the Indian Scenario.Intas Polivet711312-3192006
Kumar, Pankaj; Kumar, Manish; Prasanna, S.B & Singh, S.K. "First Aid   assistance for   companion animal during emergency"Pet India101215-172004
Kumar, Pankaj; Kumar, Manish; Mudgal, V & Mishra, S.K.Awareness for nutritional management in Pet animalsPet India11648-502005
Kumari, R R; Kumar Pankaj and Kumar, ManishNutritional Deficiency Diseases of Newborn Farm Animals and There Management.Intas Polivet1022009
Kumari, R.R; Kumar, Manish and Kumar, P An Integrated Approach to Control Toxocara vitulorum: A Major Cause of Buffalo Calf Mortality. Livestock International1522011
Kumar, Pankaj; Challa, J; Dimri, U & Kumar, ManishRole of Micro-nutrients in dermatological disorders of dog.Intas Polivet.82465-4712007


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