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Maiti SK, LukkaThuyavan Y, Singh S, Oberoi HS, Agarwal GPModeling of the separation of inhibitory components from pretreated rice straw hydrolysate by nanofiltration membranes,Bioresource Technology114419-4272012
Srivastava RK, Maiti SK, Das D, Bapat PM, Batta K, Bhushan M, Wangikar PPMetabolic flexibility of D-ribose producer strain of Bacillus pumilusunder environmental perturbationsJournal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology3981277-12432012
Maiti SK, Lantz AE, Bhushan M, Wangikar PP Multiobjective optimization (MOO) of glycopeptide antibiotic production via batch and fed batch operationBioresource Technology102136951-69582011
Maiti SK, Singh KP, Lantz AE, Bhushan M, Wangikar PPSubstrate uptake, catabolite repression and effect of seed culture on glycopeptide antibiotic production: Process model development and experimental validationBiotechnology and Bioengineering1051109-1202010
Maiti SK, Srivastav RK, Bhushan M, Wangikar PPReal time phase detection based online monitoring of batch fermentation processesProcess Biochemistry448799-8112009
Maiti SK, Bera D, Chattopadhyay P, Ray L Determination of kinetic parameters in the biosorption of Cr (VI) on Bacillus cereus M116 in a packed bed column reactor,Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology1592488-5042009


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