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A. Mehra, Gaurav Jerath, Vibin Ramakrishnan, Vishal Trivedi.Characterization of ICAM-1 biophore to design cytoadherence blocking peptides.Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling5727–352015
Gaurav Jerath, Prakash Kishore Hazam and Vibin RamakrishnanbPE toolkit: toolkit for computational protein engineering. Systems and Synthetic Biology8337–3412014
Rahul Metri, Gaurav Jerath, Govind Kailas, Adityabarna Pal & Vibin Ramakrishnan.Structure Based Barcoding of ProteinsProtein Science23117-1202014
Gaurav Jerath & Vibin RamakrishnanWeb-resources in Post Genomic EraHealth Sciences132014
Kimjolly Lhouvum.; Vibin Ramakrishnan & Vishal Trivedi.Insight  into  structural  and  biochemical  determinants  of  substrate specificity  of  PFI1625c:  Correlation  analysis  of  protein-peptide molecular  models. Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling4321-302013
Vibin Ramakrishnan, Saeed Salem; Saipraveen Srinivasan, Mohammed Zaki, Suzanne Mathews, Wilfredo Colon and Christopher BystroffDeveloping a detailed mechanistic model for protein unfolding.Proteins: Structure Function & Bioinformatics 80920-9342012
Anil Kumar and Vibin Ramakrishnan.Alternate protein scripts with unnatural alphabets.Systems & Synthetic Biology44247-2562010
Aimy Sebastian, Andreas Bender and Vibin RamakrishnanVirtual Activity Profiling of Bioactive Molecules by 1D Fingerprinting.Molecular Informatics29773-7792010
Aimy Sebastian & Vibin RamakrishnanComputational Biology Applications.Nutri Horti-culture123-1422012
Anil Kumar; Vibin Ramakrishnan; Ranjit Ranbhor and Susheel Durani.Homochiral Stereochemistry: The Missing Link of Structure to Energetics in Protein Folding Journal of Physical Chemistry1135116435–16442.2009
Vibin Ramakrishnan, Saeed Salem, Saipraveen Srinivasan, Wilfredo Colon, Mohammed Zaki & Christopher BystroffA Mechanistic Model to Study the Effect of Topology on Protein Unfolding Pathways and KineticsStructural Biology & Computational Biology25-262008
Ranjit Ranbhor; Vibin Ramakrishnan; Anil Kumar and Susheel DuraniThe Interplay of Sequence and Stereochemistry in defining Conformation in Proteins and Polypeptides.Biopolymers83537-5452006
Vibin Ramakrishnan; Ranjit Ranbhor; Anil Kumar and Susheel Durani.The link between Sequence and Conformation in Protein Structures appears to be Stereochemically Established.Journal of Physical Chemistry B1109314-93232006
Vibin Ramakrishnan; Ranjit Ranbhor and Susheel Durani.Probing Main Chain Roles in Protein Structure and Folding Stereochemically. A Simulated Annealing Folding Study of Isotactic, Syndiotactic and Heterotactic Polypeptides.Biopolymers7896-1052005
Vibin Ramakrishnan; Ranjit Ranbhor and Susheel Durani.Existence of Specific "Folds" in Polyproline-II Ensembles of an Unfolded Alanine Peptide Detected by Molecular Dynamics. Journal of the American Chemical Society12616332-163332004


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