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Devi, B., Unni, B.G.,Wann, S.B. and Samanta, R.Immobilization of partially purified alpha amylase enzyme produced by a soil borne Bacillus sp. Advances in Applied Science Research352739-27442012
Devi, B., Unni, B.G., Wann, S.B. and Samanta, R.RAPD based molecular diversity study of amylase producing bacterial strains isolated from the soil of Dibrugarh district of AssamBull. Life Sci.XVIII82-902012
Devi, B., Dowerah, P., Unni, B.G., Wann, S.B., Singh, I.M. and Samanta, R. Characterization of selected alpha-amylase producing bacterial strains isolated from soil samples of alluvial plains of Southern Brahmaputra Corridor of AssamAfrican Journal of Microbiology Research5255335-53432012
Phukan, R., Samanta, R. and Barthakur, B.K. Phosphatase activity of Aspergillus niger:A native tea rhizosphere isolateSci. and Culture777-10403-4052011
Tamuli, P., Baruah, P. and Samanta, R.Enzyme activities in agarwood (Aquillaria malaccensis Lamk.) stem under pathogenesis Journal of Spice and Aromatic Crops173240-2432008


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