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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Bora, D.S. and Deka, BThe terpenoids released by Persea bombycina due to feeding by Antheraea assama Westwood. National Academy Science Letters372191-1972014
Hazarika, S., Barthakur, B.K. and Bora, D.S.Seasonal variation in microbial diversity in termite infested tea fields of AssamTwo and a Bud60215-192013
Gogoi,H. and Bora, D.S. High yielding rice cultivars, high rainfall and high humidity favour Nymphula depunctalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) to reach major pest status:A study in Dhemaji district,Assam. National Academy Science LettersDOI 10.1007/s40009-013-0159-62013
Bora, D.S. and Deka, B Role of visual cues in host searching behaviour of Exorista sorbillans, a parasitoid of muga silk worm, Antheraea assama WestwoodJ. Insect Behaviour27192-1042014
Bora, D.S., Deka, B. and Sen, A.Host plant selection by larvae of muga silk moth, Antheraea assamaensis and the role of antenna and maxillary palp. J. Insect Sci.13521-32013


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Plant Based Pesticides: Green Environment with Special Reference to Silk Worms2012Bora, D. S., Khanikor B. and Gogoi H. Intech publisher, Croatia, Europe
978-93-80428-06-2Bioresources for rural livelihood, Vol-IPlant extracts for management of Uzi fly Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera : Tachiniidae)2010Bora, D. S. and Khanikor, B.Narendra Publishing House, New Delhi
Muga Silkworm (Antheraea assama), Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Molecular BiologySensitivity of Antheraea assama Westwood to interaction of photoperiod and thermoperiod2006Bora, D. S.NEIST, JORHAT


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