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Dehury, B.,Panda, D., Sahu, J., Sahu, M., Sarma, K., Barooah, M.,Modi,MIn silico identification and characterization of conserved miRNAs and their target genes in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs). Plant signaling & behavior8122013
Dehury, B., Sahu, M., Patra, M. C., Sarma, K., Sahu, J., Sen, P.,Modi,M., Barooah, M.Insights into the structure-function relationship of disease resistance protein HCTR in maize (Zea mays L.): A computational structural biology approach Journal of molecular graphics & modelling45C50-642013
Dehury, B., Sahu, M., Sahu, J., Sarma, K., Sen, P.,Modi,M.K.,Choudhury, M. D.Structural analysis and molecular dynamics simulations of novel δ-endotoxin Cry1Id from Bacillus thuringiensis to pave the way for development of novel fusion proteins against insect pests of crops. Journal of molecular modeling19125301-162013
Dehury, B., Sahu, M., Sarma, K., Sahu, J., Sen, P., Modi,M.K.,Barooah, M.Molecular phylogeny, homology modeling, and molecular dynamics simulation of race-specific bacterial blight disease resistance protein (xa5) of rice: a comparative agriproteomics approach. Omics :a journal of integrative biology178423-4382013
Phukon, M., Namdev, R., Deka, D.,Modi,M.K., & Sen, P.Construction of cDNA library and preliminary analysis of expressed sequence tags from tea plant [Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze]. Gene5061202-2062012
Sahu, J., Sarmah,R., Dehury, B., Sarma, K., Sahoo, S., Sahu, M., Modi,M., Sen, P.Mining for SSRs and FDMs from expressed sequence tags of Camellia sinensis.Bioinformation86260-662012
Sahu, J., Sen, P., Choudhury, M. D., Barooah, M.,Modi,M.K., & Das, T. A.Towards an efficient computational mining approach to identify EST-SSR markers. Bioinformation84201-2022012
Sahu, J., Sarmah, R., Dehury, B., Sarma, K., Sahoo, S., Sahu, M., Modi,M., Sen, P.Rediscovering medicinal plants’ potential with OMICS: Microsatellite survey in Expressed Sequence Tags of eleven traditional plants with potent anti-diabetic property.Omics :a journal of integrative biology185298-3092014
Sahu, M., Sahu, J., Sahoo, S., Dehury, B., Sarma, K., Sarmah, R.,Modi,M., Barooah, M.An approach to delineate primers for a group of poorly conserved sequences incorporating the common motif region. Bioinformation84181-1842012
Sarma, C., Borthakur, A., Singh, S., & Modi, M.K.Efficient in vitro plant regeneration from cotyledonary explants of Citrus reticulata L. Blanco. Annals of Biological Research26341-3482011
Sarma, C., Sen, P., Singh, S., & Modi, M.K.Optimization of an In Vitro Transformation Protocol in Citrus reticulata L. Blanco cv. Khasi Mandarin.Int. J. Appl. Biotechnol. Biochem.12201-2102011
Sarma, K., Dehury, B., Sahu, J., Sarmah, R., Sahoo, S., Sahu, M., Modi, M.K ., Barooah, M.A comparative proteomic approach to analyse structure, function and evolution of rice chitinases: a step towards increasing plant fungal resistance.Journal of Molecular Modeling18114761-802012
Sarmah, R., Sahu, J., Dehury, B., Sarma, K., Sahoo, S., Sahu, M., Modi, M.K. ESMP: A high-throughput computational pipeline for mining SSR markers from ESTs. Bioinformation84206-2082012


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