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Baruah AR*, Ishigo-Oka N, Adachi M, Oguma Y, Tokizono Y, Onishi K, Sano YCold tolerance at the early growth stage in wild and cultivated rice.Euphytica 165459-47020091.385
Baruah AR, Saikia HK, Bera BDetection of close genetic relatedness in some tea genotypes of Assam and Darjeeling using RAPD marker.Journal of Plantation Crops3811-152010
Sharma RK, Negi MS, Sharma S, Bhardwaj P, Kumar R,Bhattachrya E, Tripathi SB,Vijayan D,Baruah AR, Das SC, Bera, B Rajkumar R, Thomas5 J, Sud RK, Muraleedharan N, Hazarika M, Lakshmikumaran M, Raina SN, Ahuja PSAFLP based genetic diversity assessment of commercially important tea germplasm in IndiaBiochemical Genetics 48549-6420100.822
Shimizu H, Maruoka M, Ichikawa N,Baruah AR, Uwatoko N, Sano Y, Onishi KGenetic control of phenotypic plasticity in Asian cultivated and wild rice in response to nutrient and density changes.Genome43211-22320101.65
Baruah AR*, Sarma RNComparative diversity analysis of indigenous upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) of Assam using morphological traits and randomamplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers.Biotechnology: An Indian journal421-62010
Rathi S,Baruah AR*, Chowdhury RK, Sarma RNQTL analysis of seed dormancy in indigenous rice of Assam, IndiaCereal Research Communication39137-14620110.62
Baruah AR*, Onishi K*, Ishigo-Oka N, Oguma Y, Tokizono Y, Uwatoko N, Sano YEffects of acclimation on chilling tolerance in Asian cultivated and wild rice. Euphyitica181293-30320111.385
Thakuria B, Baruah AR, Debnath P Detection of tomato leaf curl virus from Jorhat using PCRJournal of Mycology and Plant Pathology42330-33320120.77
Koide Y, Onishi K, Nishimoto D,Baruah AR Kanazawa A, Sano Y Sex-independent transmission ratio distortion system responsible for reproductive barriers between Asian and African rice species.New Phytologist179888-9002008


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