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1.R C Boro, C Goswami, D Thakuria, M K Modi & N C Talukdar Molecular and functional characteristics, growth promoting effect and persistence of selected parent isolates and streptomycin resistant derivatives of rice rhizobacteria.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology421186-11942004
Thakuria D, Talukdar N. C, Goswami C, Hazarika S,Boro R. C and Khan M. RCharacterization and screening of bacteria from rhizosphere of rice grown in acidic soils of Assam. Current Science8679742004
P.C. Pandey, B. Singh,R.C. Boro, C.R. Suri Chemically sensitized ormosil-modified electrodes—Studies on the enhancement of selectivity in electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen peroxide. Sensors and Actuators B.12230–412007
J Kaur, K. Vikas Singh,R Boro, K. R. Thampi, M Raje, G. C. Varshney and C. R. suriImmunochromatographic Dipstick Assay Format Using Gold Nanoparticles Labeled Protein-Hapten Conjugate for the Detection of Atrazine.Environ. Sci. Technol.415028-50362007
J. Kaur,R. C. Boro, N. Wangoo, K. Rajesh Singh, C. R. Suri,Direct hapten coated immunoassay format for the detection of atrazine and 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicides. Analytica Chimica Acta.6 0 792–992008
N. Wangoo, K.K. Bhasin,R. Boro, C. R. Suri, N. Wangoo, K.K. Bhasin,R. Boro, C. R. Suri, Analytica Chimica Acta.610142–1482008
R. Suri,R. Boro, Y. Nangia, S. Gandhi, P. Sharma, N. Wangoo, K. Rajesh, G.S.ShekhawatImmunoanalytical techniques for analyzing pesticides in the environment.Trends in Analytical Chemistry2812009
R. C. Boro, K. V. Singh and C. R. Suri Characterization of hapten-protein conjugates: Antibody generation and immunoassay development for pesticides monitoring.JAOAC Int921773-17792009
R. C Boro, J. Kaushal & C R. SuriGold nanoparticles catalyzed chemiluminescence immunoassay for detection of herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.Analyst.1362125-21302011
Lahan, J.P., Kalita, R., Bora, S.S., Deka, A.,Boro, R. C.and Barooah, M.Isolation and identification of algae from Dhemaji district of Assam, India.Trends in Biosciences5360-612012


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