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Blevins, T., Rajeswaran, R., Aregger, M.,Borah, B.K., Baerlocher, L., Farinelli, L., Meins, F.,Hohn, T. and Pooggin, M.M.Massive production of small-RNAs from a non-coding region as a decoy strategy of Cauliflower mosaic virus to counteract gene silencing.Nucleic Acid Research391-1220117.836
Borah, B. K., Cheema, G. S. and Dasgupta, I.Association of a geminivirus and satellite molecules with leaf deformity of mentha.Indian Journal of Virologydoi: 10.1007/s13337-010-0018-820101.133
Borah, B.K., Sai Gopal, D.V. R. and Dasgupta, IPCR-RFLP shows high genetic diversity of Citrus yellow mosaic badnavirus in southern India.Indian Jornal of Virology2012-1620091.133
Borah, B. K., Johnson, A. M. A., Sai Gopal, D. V. R. and Dasgupta, ICloning and computational analysis of complete genome sequences of Citrus yellow mosaic badna virus from Acid lime and Pummelo.Virus Genes39137-4020091.693
Mittal, D.,Borah, B. K. and Dasgupta, I.Infectivity of Sri lankan cassava mosaic virus in Nicotiana tabacum and Arabidopsis thaliana after agroinoculation.Archives of Virology1532149-5520082.209
Borah, B. K., Johnson, A. M. A., Saigopal, D. V. R. and Dasgupta, I. A comparison of four DNA extraction methods for the detection of Citrus yellow mosaic badna virus from two species of citrus using PCR and dot-blot hybridization. Journal of Virological Methods151321-32420072.139
Bhuyan, N.,Borah, B. K., and Sarma, R. N. Genetic diversity analysis in traditional lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) of Assam using RAPD and ISSR markers.Current Science93967-97220070.782
Patil, B. L., Dutt, N., Briddon, R. W., Bull, S. E., Rothenstein, D.,Borah, B. K.,Dasgupta, I.,Stanely, J., and Jeske, H.Deletion and Recombination events between DNA-A and DNA-B components of Indian cassava infecting geminiviruses generate defective molecules in N. benthamiana.Virus Research12459-6720062.846


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