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Neog R, Borkakoty MR, Lahkar BC, Sarmah PCComparative efficacy of Tincture of tobacco, Propetamphos and Scabiezma against Sarcoptic mange in goat.J. Vet. Parasitol435-391990
Neog R, Borkakoty MR, Lahkar BCMange mite infestation in goats in AssamIndian Vet69891-8931992
Neog R, Lahkar BC, Borkakoty MR, Mukit AIncidence and histopathological studies of mange mites in animals in and Guwahati, AssamJ. Vet. Parasitol91-61995
Neog R, Sarmah PC, Lahkar BCHaematological observations in the treatment of Sarcoptic mange in goats.Indian Vet. J73576-5781996
Islam S, Deka DK, Neog R, Baruah N, Das M, Borkakoty MR, Sarmah PCA note on occurrence of certain helminth parasites in domestic cats (Felis felis domesticus) in Khanapara area of GuwahatiJ. Vet. Parasitol132161-1621999
Lahkar D, Kalita DN, Neog REpizootiology of demodectic mange in dogsIndian Vet J82501-5022005
Lahkar D, Kalita DN, Neog RComparative efficacy of certain acaricides against canine demodecosis.Indian Vet J. 82618-6202005
Lahkar D, Kalita DN, Neog RTreatment of Sarcoptic mange with Olinall skin lotion in dogs.Indian Vet. J832006
Devi S, Deka DK, Neog R, Islam S, Upadhyaya TN, Das MStudies on the life cycle of Ctenocephalides felis felis vis-a vis development of cysticercoid of Dipylidium caninumJ. Vet. Parasitol252177-1782011
Devi S, Deka DK, Neog R, Islam S, Upadhyaya TN, Das MDipylidium caninum in dogs and screening of fleas as possible vectors in Greater GuwahatiJ. Vet. Parasitol25176-782011
Thakuria P, Kalita DN, Phukan A, Dutta TC, Neog RClinical management of Caprine ScabiesIntas Polivet288-2892013
Thakuria P, Kalita DN, Phukan A, Neog R, Saleque AHaematobiochemical study in Sarcoptic mange infested goatsIndian Vet. J91812-14
Das G, Neog R, Sarmah PC, Islam S, Goswami S, Kalita DJ, Pathak PPHistoenzymic intensity in the skin of dog infested with ectoparasitesJ. Agric & Vet. Sci833-362015
Phukan SC, Neog R. Management of poultry coccidiosis and its diagnosis with recent technique.Compendium of Trainining Prog. Ext. Education Ins., AAU held from 31st October-5th November33-392011


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